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Leaping Forward and Backward

Happy Leap Year!

Leaping Frog

Leap Year and Lost have me thinking about time travel.

Where were you four years ago?


Where would you like to be four years from now?

Here’s my answers:


Omar and I had just discovered our current house ( 2/15/04 to be exact 🙂 ) and we were in the midst of all that is involved in buying a house– the inspection, the loan, the paperwork. I was madly calling various experts and carefully tracking all of our ‘new house’ info in a spiral notebook (which I still have). At this moment in time, four years ago (that gives me the chills to think about), I was suffering from a huge bout of buyer’s remorse and was frantically comparing our house to others on the market. On March 31, 2004, we would have our closing and make the move out of the city. At the time, the suburbs seemed so foreign. In fact, our town’s garbage schedule freaked us out so much that we were afraid to leave our garbage out for fear of being reprimanded.


I hope that our business idea that is now just a seedling in our minds has grown into a huge mighty oak and hasn’t withered away or turned out to be a weed.

I hope that Becca is healthy and happy and enjoying school. By that point, diapers will be a distant memory and so will breastfeeding (we are now struggling with weaning).

I want Becca to have a little brother or sister (or both :yikes:)

I’d love to be in a different house with a giant master bathroom/closet, an amazing view and a backyard with a pool.

That was my leaping through time! Now, I’d love to hear yours!

Happy Leaping!

Mary Kate



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Into the Crib – Night 4

Last night was so easy. It was a piece of cake. No sweat. No problema.

Ok, I admit it…. I wasn’t even home last night.

For my best friend’s birthday, we went to see “Big Head Todd and the Monsters”. (any fans out there?) Anyway, although bad timing in baby world, I have to admit that I really needed a night out and a little break. (Reason 3,468 why Jim rocks.)

Anyway, when I came home (at 1:00 am – I guess I thought I was a rock star), John Patrick was sound asleep in his crib. Jim’s face was calm and relaxed and I was instantly impressed. But poor Jim, he said that when he tried to put John Patrick down, he got hysterical. Jim did the soothing and constant reassuring (we agreed yesterday that we’re going to soothe and pick up as much as we want). Without giving me a ton of detail, he said it was “very hard”. But eventually, he did fall asleep (after feedings and cuddles).

And slept until 4:00 am, when he woke up for a quick meal and went right back to sleep – in the crib!

Then slept until 8:00 am!!!

So I think maybe we’re getting there. It seems that the first couple of hours are the hardest but then he settles in and is sleeping much longer intervals than he was in the co-sleeper.

And the best part is that when he finally really woke up this morning, I sang a little “good morning” song to him and he had the biggest smile for me. So you’re right, moms, I don’t think we’re causing permanent damage here. 🙂

Hopefully, it will only get easier. Otherwise, I may need to purchase more concert tickets… LOL



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Transitioning into the Crib (Update)

Oh God, do I need some moral support right now…….

Last night was night three and it’s just a nightmare. John Patrick cried straight for 45 minutes last night. Of course Jim and I took turns going in and rubbing his back, etc. but still HE CRIED FOR 45 MINUTES!!! And after eating he cried some more.
And I kept thinking, “he’s only 11 weeks”. Then of course I did a web search and all this information came up about not letting your baby cry it out because he may lose trust in you.

So here are my questions, moms…

1.) What does “cry it out” mean? We try to soothe him but we don’t pick him up. Does that count?

2.) Is 11 weeks to young to move him into his own crib? (Remember that he was 7 weeks premature too – although has caught up.)

3.) Is he going to never trust me because I’m making him cry it out? Am I doing permanent damage?

I almost gave in last night and moved him back into our bed. The only reason I didn’t is because I knew I’d have to start all over again and I can’t go through this again. It’s so hard!!!




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Wordless Wednesday- Becca

Rebecca summer smiling

Click here for more fab Wordless Wednesday pics from other participants. 😀

Mary Kate


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Meme Monday (on a Tuesday)

Daniel tagged me to do this.

Find out more about Meme Monday by going to Livin’ With Me.

5 Things I want my kids to know

  1. How to laugh at themselves.
  2. How to see some good in all people.
  3. That their parents will always love and support them.
  4. How to drive (hey – I live in NYC, it’s possible they wouldn’t know)
  5. How to be a good friend.

5 Things I want to tell my children when they grow up

  1. Being a parent is the hardest and most rewarding job.
  2. Reality is that you will work more than you are at home – do something you love.
  3. A good marriage is the most beautiful thing – but takes hard work.
  4. It’s ok to make mistakes in life but not ok to avoid fixing them.
  5. Get out and get a job – LOL

5 Things I want to tell my child before I die

  1. We love you more than you can comprehend until you have your own child.
  2. You have the best dad.
  3. I’m sure I made lots of mistakes along the way – I’m sorry.
  4. It is a pleasure being your mom.
  5. Don’t wait for happiness – make your own.

5 Things I want my kid to know before he dies.

  1. Unconditional love
  2. Butterflies of a first love
  3. Self-worth
  4. Compassion for others
  5. Humility

I now tag “Four Times the Fun“.


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Transitioning into the Crib

As John Patrick turned 11 weeks old, my husband and I came to the realization that the co-sleeper really wasn’t working out for us. John Patrick would spend the majority of the night staring at me and making what can only be described as the most annoying sounds in the world, in order to be put in our bed. I admit, I often gave in quickly in hopes to get some sleep myself. We had no schedule and each night was, well, sort of a nightmare.

I knew the time would come and here it was….. the big transition to the crib and his own room.

First, I should preface this by saying that I spent last week putting John Patrick in his crib for afternoon naps in an effort to help him get used to a “new” space.

Here’s how our first night went:

7:00pm – For the first time we started a real bedtime routine:

  1. Bath
  2. Massage with lotion
  3. A little bit of “naked time”
  4. Fresh clean diaper and pajamas
  5. A last feeding
  6. Put him down while playing lullabies by Mozart CD

I also plan on adding a book to the routine. He actually went down pretty well with not much fussiness.

8:00pm – Awake and crying. This is one of the many times that my husband saves the day. Of course my natural reaction is to go in and pick him up. But Jim, my husband, kept telling me he’d take care of it, which meant he would go in and rub his back and soothe him back to sleep. I won’t lie, he had to do this about a dozen times. He cried pretty much till 8:30, when he decided that he was hungry again.

8:30pm – another feeding in his room with lights dim. He’s back in bed and asleep by 9:00

9:30pm – and back up and crying again. More gentle soothing by Jim

10:00pm – another feeding. Is he manipulating me or what?

10:30pm – 11:30pm – on and off crying. This was a dance between my son and my husband. Jim was so patient and lovingly willful that John Patrick was NOT getting into our bed. (spoiler – Jim won.)

11:30pm – another feeding, this time by formula given by dad. John Patrick is back in bed and asleep by 12.

2:30am – up for a feeding (which is his normal time). After eating and a diaper change, he easily falls back asleep in his crib.

4:15am – up for another feeding? I can’t tell if he’s really hungry or just wants me to hold him. I try to feed him. Because he was a preemie I think I’ll always have this huge fear of not feeding him when he’s hungry. Weight gain was our life for a long time. He just snacks (probably wasn’t even hungry) and is back asleep by 4:30.

5:30am – hungry again? Trick me once, shame on you….. Ah, who am I kidding? I was tricked again. Snacked for a few minutes and then back to sleep in the crib.

7:00am – up and very vocal and ready to really eat. At this point we’re up for the day. He eats and gets put into “day” clothes.

So here’s the lessons I learned in the first night:

  1. It can be done – you just have to make yourself do it.
  2. Husbands are the best and another reminder that I couldn’t do any of this without him.
  3. Just because he wakes up doesn’t mean he needs to be fed.
  4. He didn’t wake up this morning and hate me so that fear is conquered.

And honestly, I slept better (ok, yes, shorter intervals) but better than I’ve slept in a long time. It’s nice to have our bed back. Plus – this is New York!!! Do you know what we pay for his bedroom? You better believe he’s going to use it. 🙂

One day down…..



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The End of the Fourth Trimester

The first book I read after John Patrick’s arrival was The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp. It definitely helped me survive at least the first six weeks of his life. I started to understand the phenomenon of the “fourth trimester” and my life contained only of swaddling, shhshhing, swinging, and sucking. Just yesterday I looked at my bright-eyed baby boy hanging out in his bouncy seat and I realized that the fourth trimester had ended.

Here’s how I know.

  1. John Patrick now hates being swaddled. Instead, he relishes having his arms stretched up above his head while he sleeps.
  2. While the pacifier is still a favorite of John Patrick, he no longer needs it to soothe himself when crying. Instead he prefers it when he’s just hanging out with the family.
  3. Instead of the swing, John Patrick now prefers his activity gym where he can kick and talk and look at bright colors.
  4. During the fourth trimester, John Patrick’s life involved three activities only – crying, eating, sleeping. Now he has lots of activities. He babbles, kicks his legs, swings his arms, looks at new colors and shapes, and studies the faces of his parents.
  5. Instead of needing to be held 24/7, John Patrick now sleeps in his co-sleeper by himself and will even take naps in his crib instead of on my chest.

I realized that he’s getting more and more ready for the world and that my pregnancy is really finally over with the end of the “fourth trimester”. Every new stage is a new adventure. I’m ready for this one. 🙂


Serious John Patrick


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