Leaping Forward and Backward

Happy Leap Year!

Leaping Frog

Leap Year and Lost have me thinking about time travel.

Where were you four years ago?


Where would you like to be four years from now?

Here’s my answers:


Omar and I had just discovered our current house ( 2/15/04 to be exact 🙂 ) and we were in the midst of all that is involved in buying a house– the inspection, the loan, the paperwork. I was madly calling various experts and carefully tracking all of our ‘new house’ info in a spiral notebook (which I still have). At this moment in time, four years ago (that gives me the chills to think about), I was suffering from a huge bout of buyer’s remorse and was frantically comparing our house to others on the market. On March 31, 2004, we would have our closing and make the move out of the city. At the time, the suburbs seemed so foreign. In fact, our town’s garbage schedule freaked us out so much that we were afraid to leave our garbage out for fear of being reprimanded.


I hope that our business idea that is now just a seedling in our minds has grown into a huge mighty oak and hasn’t withered away or turned out to be a weed.

I hope that Becca is healthy and happy and enjoying school. By that point, diapers will be a distant memory and so will breastfeeding (we are now struggling with weaning).

I want Becca to have a little brother or sister (or both :yikes:)

I’d love to be in a different house with a giant master bathroom/closet, an amazing view and a backyard with a pool.

That was my leaping through time! Now, I’d love to hear yours!

Happy Leaping!

Mary Kate



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5 responses to “Leaping Forward and Backward

  1. jerseygirl89

    Four years ago, Hubby and I just got engaged and just made Ironflower – though we didn’t know that yet! We lived in cute little house in Kansas City – right in the middle of the city – and had fun parties.

    Four years from now, I hope I’m making a decent living as a writer/blogger, that Hubby gets to act exclusively, that we’ve remodeled the basement and that Ironflower and Lovebug and are happy, healthy and loving school. And maybe, just maybe, they have another sibling.

    Great idea for a post!

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  3. Great question.
    Four years ago I was engaged, living in Florida, finishing up my graduate degree and planning a wedding and a move to New York. YIKES! That was a lot.
    Four years from now, I hope we own our own apartment (somewhere in the 5 boroughs would be great). And I would like to be pregnant with baby # 2. Oh, and of course I want John Patrick to be healthy and happy and his “preemie” status to be a distant memory.

  4. Great idea!

    Four years ago I was living with my faince with my parents. We were planning our destinaion wedding.

    In four years I hope Eliza has a little brother or sister too! I also hope we live in a house and not this stinkin condo.

  5. mkate

    Thanks everyone for sharing!! It looks as if there will be a lot more children on this earth in four more years!

    Mary Kate

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