Language Update: 18 months

According to the Baby Center development tracker, Becca is now 18 months old so I thought it might be nice to update Becca’s language development. Within the past few weeks, she has really begun using words in a meaningful way and can respond to simple commands. Omar and I have gotten in the habit of pointing at various things to see what she can name(She calls a lot of things ‘appel’, ‘mama’, ‘papa’ or ‘baby’). W e will also yell out various commands to see how she reacts (“Becca, look at me”, she does, “Becca, look away”, she keeps looking at me). I am not sure how helpful it is for her but it definitely keeps us occupied.


Becca will ask for “apple” when she wants an apple or is hungry.  She also said, “more” when she wanted more spaghetti.  When she was finished, she just turned the bowl upside down and placed all of her spaghetti on top of it– I guess she doesn’t know “enough” or “done” quite yet.

This morning when I asked her to find her shoes, she ran into our bedroom and brought her shoes to me (very sweet). Later today, she neglected to tell me that I had put on her diaper incorrectly which resulted in a diaper explosion and an unexpected bath for her. So there are still some gaps in her ability (or willingness) to communicate with us.

Although Becca has begun to name or ask for things, she is more likely to echo what we have just said. I have begun to feel as if I am travelling around with a small parrot. Since she is hearing mostly English, she is currently speaking mostly English. She does have a few Spanish words (arribe, agua, gato) and I notice that when we make an effort to speak to her in Spanish she will respond (at least with the same frequency as she does in English).


Becca’s abuelita, Martha, will be returning on Wednesday which means that Becca will be hearing Spanish spoken more consistently again. I have a feeling that her Spanish vocabulary will quickly increase which means I need to start practicing my Spanish.

¡Hasta luego mis amigos!

Mary Kate

Photos used by permission from (#931040, #931041, #441601)



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2 responses to “Language Update: 18 months

  1. Jen

    It’s so great the Becca will have exposure to Spanish in addition to English. What a great experience that will open up so many more doors for her later in life. Poor John Patrick will be limited by my very limited Spanish. Maybe Becca can teach him a few words. 🙂

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