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Early Toilet Training – Go For It!

One of the things that I have become pretty hardcore about since becoming a mom is toilet training. Here’s my tale.

Before our little lady was born my husband talked about Elimination Communication – something he’d read about in the New York Times. I thought it sounded interesting, but figured, yeah, right, which one of us is going to take the time to hold our baby over the toilet and make psssing sounds all day? The topic kept coming up as something he’d/we’d like to do as she was growing up, but we never followed up with it.

Then at 10 months, I decided to give it a go. Our little lady was making the universally recognizable face for poo so I picked her up and whisked her to the toilet where she proceeded to finish her business. This wasn’t so difficult after all!

So I decided to do a little investigating and tracked down the New York Times article, Dare to Bare, that my husband had told me about over a year ago. From there, I picked up the book, Diaper Free Baby (They have got a great website as well). The more I read; the more Early Toilet Training made sense to me. Why shouldn’t our babies, who constantly amaze us with how much they understand, be aware of their need to go to the bathroom before the culturally-accepted time of potty training at 2 years old?

So I began to put my little girl on the pot whenever she made those rumblings. Once she was consistently pooping in the potty, we began putting her on every 2 hours and making the pssing sound and she started to pee too!

She took to it so easily – now she sits and reads books for 20 minutes at a time and will tels us when she has to go (she’s 19 months old). We do still keep her in diapers as she does still wet her pants, but we only go through about 2 diapers a day instead of 5-6 diapers a day. And I almost never have to change a poo-filled diaper!

If you are thinking about early potty training, go for it! It is so much more hygienic and environmentally respectful than diapers. And we need to give our babies more credit than the diaper companies give them.




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