The End of the Fourth Trimester

The first book I read after John Patrick’s arrival was The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp. It definitely helped me survive at least the first six weeks of his life. I started to understand the phenomenon of the “fourth trimester” and my life contained only of swaddling, shhshhing, swinging, and sucking. Just yesterday I looked at my bright-eyed baby boy hanging out in his bouncy seat and I realized that the fourth trimester had ended.

Here’s how I know.

  1. John Patrick now hates being swaddled. Instead, he relishes having his arms stretched up above his head while he sleeps.
  2. While the pacifier is still a favorite of John Patrick, he no longer needs it to soothe himself when crying. Instead he prefers it when he’s just hanging out with the family.
  3. Instead of the swing, John Patrick now prefers his activity gym where he can kick and talk and look at bright colors.
  4. During the fourth trimester, John Patrick’s life involved three activities only – crying, eating, sleeping. Now he has lots of activities. He babbles, kicks his legs, swings his arms, looks at new colors and shapes, and studies the faces of his parents.
  5. Instead of needing to be held 24/7, John Patrick now sleeps in his co-sleeper by himself and will even take naps in his crib instead of on my chest.

I realized that he’s getting more and more ready for the world and that my pregnancy is really finally over with the end of the “fourth trimester”. Every new stage is a new adventure. I’m ready for this one. 🙂


Serious John Patrick


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3 responses to “The End of the Fourth Trimester

  1. mkate

    How sweet he is!! He already looks so different! What a great expression.

  2. You are lucky your little one went smoothly out of the fourth trimester. My little one is five monthd and still needs a swaddle, a binky, motion, and sshhh to get to sleep. That book really was a lifesaver! This is my first time at your blog- I will check back often!

  3. Cara

    Sounds like he is a fun loving bundle of cuteness!! p.s. Love the pic!!

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