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One Small Tug for Girl

Sometimes Becca’s developmental milestones are huge and memorable. Other times they occur without much notice. Especially now that she has passed the 2 year mark, I can be so busy managing her emotions that I don’t always notice the huge leaps that she is making. Today was one of those days.

As usual, we had a full Saturday schedule to attend to and as usual, we were running behind. So, I was hurriedly dressing Becca. I quickly changed her diaper, pulled on her pants, put on her t-shirt and then began to add a sweater. As I was twisting and turning her body, I remember being struck by how trusting she was as I moved her to and fro. Although she sometimes initially protests at being changed, once I manage to pin her down, she is usually pretty compliant and extremely passive, until today.

For the first time today, she really assisted in the dressing process. As I was fishing around for her sweater’s armhole, she reached around and placed her arm in the sleeve. She then used her other arm to pull the sleeve back and spread the fingers of the sleeved hand to free it watching in wonder as her hand emerged. Right before my eyes, Becca was realizing that she had the capability of putting on (and taking off) her clothes. She then spent the afternoon practicing how to put on and take off her sweater, again and again and again.

I don’t think it will be long before Becca will be insisting on dressing (or not dressing) herself. I will definitely keep you posted!

Mary Kate


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