Into the Crib – Night 4

Last night was so easy. It was a piece of cake. No sweat. No problema.

Ok, I admit it…. I wasn’t even home last night.

For my best friend’s birthday, we went to see “Big Head Todd and the Monsters”. (any fans out there?) Anyway, although bad timing in baby world, I have to admit that I really needed a night out and a little break. (Reason 3,468 why Jim rocks.)

Anyway, when I came home (at 1:00 am – I guess I thought I was a rock star), John Patrick was sound asleep in his crib. Jim’s face was calm and relaxed and I was instantly impressed. But poor Jim, he said that when he tried to put John Patrick down, he got hysterical. Jim did the soothing and constant reassuring (we agreed yesterday that we’re going to soothe and pick up as much as we want). Without giving me a ton of detail, he said it was “very hard”. But eventually, he did fall asleep (after feedings and cuddles).

And slept until 4:00 am, when he woke up for a quick meal and went right back to sleep – in the crib!

Then slept until 8:00 am!!!

So I think maybe we’re getting there. It seems that the first couple of hours are the hardest but then he settles in and is sleeping much longer intervals than he was in the co-sleeper.

And the best part is that when he finally really woke up this morning, I sang a little “good morning” song to him and he had the biggest smile for me. So you’re right, moms, I don’t think we’re causing permanent damage here. πŸ™‚

Hopefully, it will only get easier. Otherwise, I may need to purchase more concert tickets… LOL




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3 responses to “Into the Crib – Night 4

  1. I am glad it is going well. I have to admit that we gave up and now we bring Eliza in bed. Shame! Shame!- I know. I didn’t have the energy to keeping soothing her back down in the middle of the night. I do love having her little breath on my face when we sleep.

  2. I’m glad to hear that things are going well.. it will take time to adjust, but he will figure it out. Keep up the good work!

  3. Cara

    Yea!! Good for you guys for sticking it out!! I’m so glad it is getting better πŸ™‚

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