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The Mixed-Up Clothes Walk of Shame

I am ashamed to admit that Becca has been walking around in some wacky outfits lately. On our recent trip to the park, she was wearing white flowered capri pants, bright pink sneakers, an off-white Mickey Mouse t-shirt, with a blue and green mushroom covered jacket. To top this whole ensemble off, her hair was frizzy and heading in about 6 different directions.

As I was standing in front of our stoop waiting for Becca to slowly walk down the stairs, I found myself really focusing on her ensemble. She had so many colors, textures and patterns going on that most people would assume that she had dressed herself or at least picked out her clothes. Since we were headed to the preschool set’s version of a red carpet, I briefly tossed around the idea of tracking down some cuter clothes for her. In fact, everything she was currently wearing is cute in its own right so it would just take a little tweaking to move her outfit from the “Don’t” to the “Do” column. Then I realized that by the time I hustled her back upstairs, tracked down a cute outfit and wrestled her in and out of her clothes, the sun would have set and the moon would have been rising. So instead, I vowed to ignore her clear “What Was She Thinking?” outfit and focus on her smiling face. Hopefully, the other moms will just assume that Becca had dressed herself. I know if any of them asked that is what I was planning on telling them.

She insists on dressing herself and I really want to encourage her independence and self-expression.

I wonder if I can say that with a straight face?

Taking the Mom Walk of Shame.

Mary Kate

P.S.  When I resolve my camera issues, I will upload a picture.  It is definitely a ‘you have to see it to believe it’ outfit.


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Falling Down the Stairs

Twice this past week, Becca had falls that resulted in her being examined by a doctor. Each time, I was within 10 feet of her and couldn’t do anything but watch her fall. It’s funny because at the beginning of last week, I was worried that I was being a little too overprotective of Becca. By the end of the week, I was wondering if I could have her permanently encased in bubble wrap.  The good news is that she doesn’t seem to have any lasting damage.

On Wednesday afternoon, Becca was chasing Keema (our cat) around the house and had followed him up to the second floor. When I realized that she was up there, I immediately went to the bottom of the stairs to call her back down. I even went as far as to go up the stairs after her but fell short of scooping her up and bringing her back down (which I now regret). Instead, I focused on enticing Keema back downstairs because I knew that Becca would follow.

As Becca was following Keema, she slipped and tumbled down the rest of the way (about 8 to 10 stairs). Fortunately, she started crying right away and didn’t show any signs of injury. In fact, she calmed down pretty quickly and was interested in playing. A little while later, I noticed that she seemed to be favoring her right leg and avoided putting any weight on it. I called her pediatrician’s office and the nurse suggested I bring her in.

When we got to the pediatrician’s office, Becca continued to favor her leg but also insisted on playing with the toys in the waiting room. When the Doctor called us in, she examined Becca and found that everything was “intact” and there wasn’t any noticeable breakage. She then had Becca walk around the office a little and agreed that Becca was indeed favoring her right leg. The Doctor examined her legs one more time and determined, once again, that her bones seemed fine. However, she suggested that I give Becca Motrin for the pain and if she continued limping in the morning then I should take her in for an x-ray. The doctor felt that Becca probably had some swelling and soreness from the fall but that she would be fine.

Fortunately, Becca slept well that night and didn’t seem to be in any pain. By the next morning, Becca was back to her normal self and didn’t require the x-ray. I was grateful that Becca wasn’t going to suffer any lasting effects and used it as a reminder to be more vigilant with her on the stairs.  I was also grateful that I wasn’t issued a mother license because I definitely wouldn’t have received a fine this week.

Mary Kate

P.S.  I will describe the next incident in another post.  This one has gotten quite long.


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The Marker Walk of Shame

In the week before we left for vacation, Becca ended up with marker on some aspect of her body not once, not twice but three times. The worst part about this whole experience was that I was within 5 feet of her EACH time she managed to cover herself in marker. Yes, that’s right. As my daughter was scribbling away on each leg (with a focus on the kneecap) or arm, I was blissfully unaware of what was going on.

Strike One

The first time this occurred, I was working from home and Becca was having a needy day. She just really, really, really wanted to be on top of me. No matter where I was in the house, it seemed as if she was one step behind me. As I was trying to gather her breakfast items together, some yoghurt and cereal, she kept one step behind me. The problem was that my kitchen is quite small and I wasn’t being efficient so I was continually retracing my steps. Grab the cereal box… oops, forgot the bowl… turn around to get the bowl only to bump into Becca… got the bowl… turn to the counter to add the cereal only to bump into Becca… reach over to open the fridge door and grab the milk only to bump into Becca almost toppling her over. This went on for most of the morning as we moved from task to task.

So when Becca seemed content to quietly play beside me as I was putting the finishing touches on a writing project, I was relieved. I was especially relieved that she was fascinated with lining up the plastic ink cartridges for my printer and grateful that the ink cartridges were designed to make it impossible to get the ink out. I felt a sense of peace as I worked on my piece and listened to Becca signing to herself. A short time later, I once again glanced down at Becca and was jolted back to reality. My little angel baby had covered herself in marker from head to toe. I looked around for the source of the marker and my eyes fell on the printer cartridges. Had Becca somehow monkeyed with them and managed to release the ink? I turned one of them over in my hands and couldn’t see how but I also didn’t see any markers within Becca’s vicinity. I quickly gathered up all the printer cartridges and threw them back into the cabinet they usually reside, grabbed Becca and tried to wash some of the marker off. After a few applications of soap, I began to despair the Becca would ever have marker-free legs again.

Strike Two
A few days later as the marker was slowly fading from Becca’s legs, she and I were hanging out in the car as we waited for her abuelita (grandma) to finish with a dentist appointment. While we were waiting, Becca was sitting in the passenger seat with her babies (a Holly Hobby doll and a teddy bear) and playing her favorite game. This is the game where she screams, “Mine! Mine! Mine!” and clutches something (the bear, Holly Hobby or a hair clip) to her chest. She then begins to laugh hysterically as I pretend to take it away from her. Just as the game was in full swing, I received an important cell phone call and had to temporarily suspend the “Mine” game. Becca quickly lost interest in her babies and began to examine her surroundings. Within the blink of an eye, she spied a sharpie pen in the center console, reached out to grab it, yanked the top off and brought it to her face. A beat behind her, I grabbed for the pen only to grasp the air and watch in disbelief as Becca managed to add some crooked black whiskers to her cheek. Once again, indelible ink. This time on her face, great. I was now looking at my green-legged baby with whiskers.

Strike Three

The next time this occurred, Becca and I were once again in our home office. Becca was once again amusing herself as I was frantically trying to complete my mile-long to-do list before we left for ten days. This time, I had quickly checked around to make sure there were no print cartridges or stray markers lying around and had even given Becca a few toys to play with. Once again, I found myself lulled into a false sense of security as Becca quietly played and I finally managed to check a few items off the never ending list. Once again, I glanced down only to find Becca covered in marker head-to-toe. Except this time, I caught her clutching a green marker in one hand and trying to pick up two to three markers with her other hand. Apparently, Becca had spied the pencil case filled with markers tucked away on the bookshelf (the same one I overlooked a few minutes earlier). She then figured out how to unlatch the box, uncap the markers and began to draw. As I was crossing off tasks from my list, Becca was adding a big one– scrub daughter from head to toe.

And I’m out!

Unfortunately not out of markers but definitely out of patience. How am I supposed to get things done AND keep her safe? Is it possible to ever completely toddler proof?

The kicker to this whole situation was having to participate in the marker conversation with Omar after each incident.

Omar (incredulously): What happened?

Me: She got into a marker and wrote all over herself (as I inwardly rolled my eyes– wasn’t it obvious?)

Omar: Where were you?

Me: Sitting right next to her.

Yeah, I am definitely feeling like the mom of the year. The good news is that we are going on two weeks without any more marker incidents (I hope I didn’t jinx myself).

On that note, I better go and do a quick search for stray markers before Becca wakes up.

Mary Kate


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Walk of Shame – Cheap Diapers

I’ll admit it – we’re drowning in baby expenses – food, diapers, wipes, swimming lessons and daycare. Add to that New York City rent, working at a nonprofit and well, you can do the math. It’s tight. So last week when I went to buy diapers – again – I got cheap. There were Duane Reade generic diapers on sale for $5.99. So I bought them.

You can guess what happened… That night I woke up to the cries of a very uncomfortable baby. He had soaked through his pajamas and bed sheet. Here’s where the really shameful part comes. After this mishap, you would think that I learned my lesson and got him better diapers. Nope, I couldn’t make myself waste the $6 so I sent them all to daycare for them to use on him there.

The very next day when I went to pick him up he was in a different outfit. His teacher informed me that he had soaked through his clothes and sheets during nap time. I acted shocked by this turn of events (even though I knew full well that would happen).

Finally, I went to buy the Huggies diapers and threw out the Duane Reade generics, but I did hang my head in shame the whole walk to CVS.


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The Library Fine Walk of Shame

Lately, I seem to be writing about the library a lot. What can I say? I spend a lot of time there.

One of my main reasons for going there is to get free books. Isn’t that one of the reasons most people go to the library? I can choose any book my heart desires and I don’t have to pay a red cent for them. If my library doesn’t have a certain book, I can even request it from one of the dozens of libraries in my county’s library system.

But here’s the thing, recently I requested all kinds of books from the inter-library loan and then I become overwhelmed by the sheer number of them and then I just got busy. So I lost track of time and began racking up fines for my books. When I returned the first batch of books, I had $20 in fines. Yep, that’s right. I paid $20 for free books. Instead of learning from my mistakes, I managed to return the next batch of books late and now have a $12 fee waiting for me. I am beginning to feel as if my free library card has morphed into a high interest credit card overnight. This is one walk of shame that I can not afford to keep making.

Mary Kate


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Remembering My Grandmother

Some may remember that my grandmother just celebrated her 95th birthday, unfortunately, she passed away this week and I will be attending her funeral tomorrow morning. I am still a little in shock and can’t believe she had really passed. I had begun to believe that she would live forever and I could imagine myself attending her 100th birthday party. I never imagined myself attending her wake and funeral but here I am.

My walk of shame this week would be sadness that I decided not to visit my grandmother this weekend. Omar and I had planned to take Becca to visit my grandmother on Father’s day. She had recently been hospitalized, although she had been doing  a little better, and I thought it was important to visit her.  But Sunday rolled around, we had had a busy weekend and I got hung up in the idea that since it was Father’s day, we shouldn’t be traveling (Don’t ask me where this idea came from). In any case, I figured I could always visit my grandmother this weekend, right? It wasn’t as if she was going anywhere. So I felt a little guilty about not going but I knew I would have another chance to see her. I never expected to be seeing her this quickly and in this manner.

I would like to light a candle in honor of my grandmother and I am going to be drinking a Beefeater Gin Martini w/ a dash of vermouth in her honor as well.


5 children

13 grandchildren

12 great-grandchildren

You’ll be missed.

With Much Love,

Mary Kate


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Writing for New Jersey Mom Blogs

NJ  Mom Blog Button

This is less of a Walk of Shame and more of a confession.  I have been selected to write for the New Jersey Mom Blogs.  This will continue to be my main blog but I will be posting over there at least 2x a month.  At each place, I will be posting original content so you will want to check out both sites.  The New Jersey Moms blog also has a lot of other great writers that you might want to check out.

If you go over to the other site, you can see the posts I have already done.  I have another post which should be coming up pretty soon.

Hope to see you over there!

Mary Kate


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