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Overwhelmed by Solid Food

John Patrick is now 6 months old and so……..

Here comes the exciting new world of solid foods. Yay! So what do I do? I’ve talked to my pediatrician, googled it and still I’m totally confused. I get that I should introduce one food every 4 or 5 days in order to check for food allergies. I also get that I should introduce green foods first to encourage him to eat his veggies (I’ve already broken this rule). But here are all my other questions about the stuff I don’t get:

1.) How much do I feed him a day? Keep in mind that he’ll eat until he explodes if I let him.

2.) Does this mean I don’t give him as much milk per day?

3.) Once he can have more than one food, do I give them to him in meal format? (For example, for dinner tonight you’re having green beans and bananas?)

4.) My pediatrician suggested that I start giving him water in a sippy cup. After I picked my jaw up off the floor I wondered… how many times a day? When is he supposed to have water? Cold water?

5.) Does this mean I should be taking solid food to his daycare now too? I usually take 4 eight ounce bottles of milk per day. Does this mean that I don’t take as much milk or the milk quantity stays the same?

6.) What are some good containers for all this food if I need to take it to daycare?

7.) He’s had rice cereal, what other cereal should he try next? When is he technically a “stage 2” eater?

Obviously, I’m solid food challenged. I feel like an idiot but for some reason I just can’t wrap my mind around how this works. HEEELLLLLPPPPPP.

drowning in tiny jars of mushed pears,




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Little Pitchers Have Big Ears (and Eyes)!

From the moment Becca was born, she was aware of her surroundings. When the nurse first handed Becca to Omar wrapped up like a papoose, I was surprised to see that her eyes were wide open and blinking at everything around her. She looked like a little owl with her slow, methodical blinking. As soon as she got close to me, she intently focused on my face and I could feel her communicating with me: “I trust you”, blink, “to take care of me”, blink, “I trust you”, blink, “to take care of me”, blink. Right from the start, she knew how to assess her surroundings and determine who/what was important in them. Once she had determined that I would care for her, she promptly fell asleep.

Owl Eyes

Almost 18 months later, I am continually surprised at what she notices and is able to figure out. Without ever having a sip of coke, she quickly deduced there was something really delicious in that red can. She would see Omar drinking it and say, “mmm, mmm, mmm” with her arm out-stretched reaching for it.

Coke Can

It has really made me realize how important my eating and exercise habits are to her. If she sees me eating Hershey Kisses *like today* then she is going to beg and beg and beg for them. I’ve been trying to use her clear fascination with my eating and drinking habits as an incentive to make better food choices. I wish I could say that I was now always eating fruits and vegetables but I can tell you that I generally keep my ice cream eating and cookie snarfing until after she goes to bed.

Hershey Kiss Stamp

Have you been successful at changing any of your bad habits? If so, I’d love to hear about it. If not, I would love to commiserate with you 🙂

Mary Kate


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Foiled Again!



Becca isn’t a huge fan of bibs and usually whips off the Velcro bibs in a matter of seconds. When I was doing most of the feeding, it wasn’t such a big deal. I made sure I kept a few wipes handy and wiped her down as often as possible. Even when she started eating finger foods, it wasn’t too bad because most finger foods aren’t too messy (cheese, bread, cut-up vegetables).


Now that she is insistent on feeding herself everything including yogurt, applesauce, and spaghetti with sauce , it is a much bigger deal. For her, feeding means to mash it up, swirl it around, load up the spoon and twirl that around. It isn’t unusual for her to have mashed up banana-blueberry-applesauce on various places of her shirt and pants in a matter of minutes. Since I haven’t been doing a great job getting the stains out of her clothes, I have decided that I need to find her a decent bib.

So at a recent stop at Buy Buy Baby, I perused the bib aisle to sit what I could find. Unfortunately, most of the selection were Velcro bibs and wouldn’t work for us. A friend had advised that I try the bibs that tie but I couldn’t find any in Becca’s size. There were a few ‘shirt’ bibs but I envisioned a huge fight as Becca resisted putting her arms into the bib. Finally, I saw a t-shirt bib that I thought might do the trick (it looked similar to the one in the picture below). It looked like it would go easily over her head and shouldn’t be too easy to get off.



Later that night, we were sitting down to dinner and I remembered the bib. I ran into the kitchen, grabbed the bib and quickly took the tags off. I then walked up behind Becca and quickly slid the bib over her head. Without blinking, Becca reached up, grabbed the bib, pulled it over her head and calmly handed it back to me. She then continued her meal by placing her veggies into her glass of milk and drinking it. Yummy!

Mary Kate

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Note to Self: Dress Becca AFTER She Eats

Becca is in that stage where she wants to feed herself and she loves mixing her food together. Last night, she placed pieces of her fish and vegetables into her glass of milk and then proceeded to drink at least a little of it (ugh!). This morning, she put her raisins, cheerios and celery into her yogurt and then took a couple of bites. She loves to slosh things around and mix it all together.

It can be quite comical to watch but a pain in the neck to clean up. She inevitably tears off her bib and proceeds to get her milk/yogurt or smashed banana all over her clothes, hands, high-chair tray and face.

This morning as I got her dressed, I thought, “I probably should wait until she eats breakfast.” But in the interest of efficiency (change her diaper and her clothes at the same time), I decided that it would be fine. Unfortunately, it wasn’t fine at all. There is yogurt all through her hair, face and clothes. I am considering giving her a bath and will have to change at least part of her outfit (she had it on for 10 minutes!!!!).

I wish we lived in a warmer climate because I would just feed her naked! Until it gets warmer, I am going to have to invest in some bibs that tie. Maybe she will do better with that than the Velcro ones (who am I kidding? I have to try though; I have to try).

Mary Kate

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Should I Count Styrofoam as a Protein?

The good news is that styrofoam is not a toxic material and I do not need to be concerned that Becca took a few bites of it. The bad news is that I walked into the living room this evening to see Becca merrily chewing away on a block of styrofoam.

I am continually amazed at Becca’s ability to zero in on the most dangerous items in any room she enters. It is as if she does a quick scan of the room and quickly determines all of the items that are likely to be off limits. She then crawls as quickly as she can to reach them before they are whisked out of sight. If she should reach the item before I do (which happens more than I would like to admit), she will pause to look me in the eye before she tries to place it in her mouth. She can spot a dime wedged between the floorboard and the wall from about 50 feet and tonight was no exception.
I had placed Becca in our living room/dining room area while I set the table for dinner. I had purposefully surrounded her with toys so she would be happily entertained while I moved in and out of the room. I remember feeling so proud of myself for distracting her and enjoying watching her play (why is it that my most confident mommy moments always seem to end in a crisis?).

I was just finishing up when I noticed that Becca had a HUGE grin on her face and seemed to have something clinging to her face. She then began waving a piece of styrofoam around and started laughing. At this point, a foam of styrofoam bubbles fell out of her mouth. I was stunned!

I quickly grabbed her and started sweeping her mouth for the styrofoam. At first it was difficult to get my finger through her clenched teeth and around the chunks. I was able to do a few finger sweeps and then Mr. O came in and finished the job. For some reason, Becca thought Mr. O sweeping her mouth was hilarious so that made the situation a little easier.

From the looks of it, she had taken a few bites out of the styrofoam and it looked as if we managed to get most of it before she swallowed it. Who knew that there was an upside to her annoying habit of holding food in her mouth for hours?

Ironically, the styrofoam piece was part of the packaging for the baby gate that Mr. O installed. Although he did a great job on the installation, he fell short on the clean up. As a result, the styrofoam piece wasn’t properly disposed of and little miss Becca managed to get her hands on it.

Shortly after her styrofoam appetizer, Becca sat down for dinner and happily ate and swallowed most of it. After dinner, I put in a call to Poison Control just to confirm that styrofoam wasn’t dangerous to digest. The woman assured me that it wasn’t considered a toxic substance.

This reminded me of how important it is to know the number for Poison Control (800-222-1222) as well as the website (
M. Kate


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Solids Update- 11 mos

First, I need to mention that I find the term ‘solids’ to be such an odd term. It is especially odd because the first ‘solids’ Becca ever had (rice cereal) was indistinguishable frombreast-milk.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a quick update on the solids situation. She has actually been making really good progress. She is still not a huge fan of food on a spoon and prefers to be able to grab the food herself. However, she will eat food on a spoon if she has her own spoon to hold. So I tend to maximize the amount of finger foods and minimize the spoon foods.

For finger foods, I try to vary the food, cut it up small and just place it on her tray. As the rest of the family is eating, she will merrily grab at her food and place about 2/3 of it in her mouth. Watching her eat is definitely our entertainment. Tonight we were all laughing as she very seriously tried to locate a piece of cheese that had fallen into her lap.

Usually, I will give her a fruit, a vegetable, a protein and a dairy. Here is a list of the different foods she enjoys.

Fruit: This is probably the most varied assortment. Since there is a lot of fruit in season, it has been a lot of fun to introduce her to new fruits.

  • apples
  • pears
  • mangoes
  • blueberries (a current but very messy favorite)
  • bananas
  • peaches (another favorite– she will dive into a whole one if you let her, with supervision of course)
  • nectarines
  • plums
  • papaya (only the pureed baby food variety)
  • watermelon


  • spinach (a current favorite)
  • peas
  • corn
  • carrots
  • cucumbers
  • tomatoes (another favorite)
  • green beans
  • summer squash
  • zuchini
  • sweet potatoes

Protein: This has the least variety

  • Chicken — usually boiled or baked and shredded
  • Beef- ground beef
  • Turkey- ground turkey, shredded turkey
  • Beans
  • eggs

Dairy: This is mostly breast milk

  • cheese
  • yogurt

At this point, Becca is pretty close to eating what we eat. I have been slowly introducing her to a little bit of seasoning. I have also used this as an opportunity to improve the nutrition of our meals. It is really important to me that her ‘comfort’ foods are healthy foods. It is really important to me that eating healthy (and being active) are just a way of life to her.

M. Kate

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Progress with Solids

We are slowly making progress with the solids. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Becca was refusing anything on a spoon and wouldn’t swallow the finger food I offered her.

Since that post, I have tried a few things that seem to work. Here is what I offered her:

  • a variety of different foods and tried not to stress out about the amount she was eating.
  • pieces of mushy food (a ripe banana, well cooked potatoes, avocado)
  • Stage 3 foods (this is a combination of pureed and chunky foods)
  • finger foods (small pieces of fresh chicken, cut-up grapes, pieces of string cheese)


The mushy banana was the biggest hit. She really loved the taste so she would eat quite a bit of it. After two days of eating mostly banana (and breast-milk of course), I noticed that she began eating the finger foods as well. She still isn’t a fan of the Stage 3 foods or the yoghurt (basically anything on a spoon) but she is now swallowing the pieces of chicken, fruit and cheese that I give her.

M. Kate

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