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Foiled Again!



Becca isn’t a huge fan of bibs and usually whips off the Velcro bibs in a matter of seconds. When I was doing most of the feeding, it wasn’t such a big deal. I made sure I kept a few wipes handy and wiped her down as often as possible. Even when she started eating finger foods, it wasn’t too bad because most finger foods aren’t too messy (cheese, bread, cut-up vegetables).


Now that she is insistent on feeding herself everything including yogurt, applesauce, and spaghetti with sauce , it is a much bigger deal. For her, feeding means to mash it up, swirl it around, load up the spoon and twirl that around. It isn’t unusual for her to have mashed up banana-blueberry-applesauce on various places of her shirt and pants in a matter of minutes. Since I haven’t been doing a great job getting the stains out of her clothes, I have decided that I need to find her a decent bib.

So at a recent stop at Buy Buy Baby, I perused the bib aisle to sit what I could find. Unfortunately, most of the selection were Velcro bibs and wouldn’t work for us. A friend had advised that I try the bibs that tie but I couldn’t find any in Becca’s size. There were a few ‘shirt’ bibs but I envisioned a huge fight as Becca resisted putting her arms into the bib. Finally, I saw a t-shirt bib that I thought might do the trick (it looked similar to the one in the picture below). It looked like it would go easily over her head and shouldn’t be too easy to get off.



Later that night, we were sitting down to dinner and I remembered the bib. I ran into the kitchen, grabbed the bib and quickly took the tags off. I then walked up behind Becca and quickly slid the bib over her head. Without blinking, Becca reached up, grabbed the bib, pulled it over her head and calmly handed it back to me. She then continued her meal by placing her veggies into her glass of milk and drinking it. Yummy!

Mary Kate


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Dealing with MY Insomnia

Now that Becca is sleeping more, I am finding that I have been having difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep.  I think it is partly because I am so used to waking up intermittently throughout the night so I have begun to wake automatically. There is also a lot on my mind so once I am awake my mind starts processing and has trouble shutting down again.

The other night Becca awoke briefly from 3:15 to 3:30 a.m. and I found myself drifting in and out of sleep until 5:00 a.m.  Instead of just tossing and turning in bed I decided to get up and do a little research on insomnia.  I thought it might be helpful to find out what might be causing it (besides a 15 mos old) and how I might be able to cure it.

I found the first article I read, Some Useful Information on Insomnia, on the Native Remedies: The Natural Choice website. Ironically, it listed no healthy way to deal with insomnia– interesting. It did however list a few causes of insomnia that I could relate to:

  • stress – I wonder what might be causing me stress?
  • environmental noise – such as a crying baby?
  • sleep/wake schedule problems such as those due to jet lag – or dealing with an infant/toddler?
  • expecting to have difficulty sleeping and worrying about it – You can say that again!
  • irregular or continually disrupted sleep/wake schedules – BINGO! I think this is the big one.

Since I am pretty clear on what is causing my insomnia, I continued trolling the Internet to see what I could find.  I was pretty upset to learn that Less Sleep Means More Weight For New Moms and Sleep Key to Pitching Pregnancy Pounds.  In Less Sleep Means More Weight for Moms, the research suggests that moms get 7 hours of sleep to alleviate the weight gain (I should be able to do that- right?).  According to this article, research is currently being done on how to help moms get more sleep (good luck with that!).  In Sleep Key to Pitching Pregnancy Pounds, the article suggests that moms only need 5 hours of sleep (that doesn’t seem like much.).  Unfortunately, neither of these articles suggested any magic way to deal with the insomnia.

Some Useful Information on Insomnia suggested taking sleep medicine which I would prefer to avoid at this point. Looking at the “Causes of Insomnia” list included in Some Useful Information on Insomnia , I can infer a few ways of dealing with my sleep problem:

  • Don’t stress myself out
  • Cut out excessive environmental noise
  • Install a good thermostat so there aren’t extreme temperatures throughout the night
  • Don’t make abrupt changes to the surrounding environment
  • Have a consistent sleep/wake schedule
  • Avoid medications with insomnia side effects
  • Don’t worry about my insomnia
  • Cut down my caffeine intake
  • Don’t drink alcohol before bedtime
  • Don’t smoke cigarettes before bedtime
  • Don’t nap excessively in the afternoon or evening
  • Avoid and irregular or continually disrupted sleep/wake schedule

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

Now that I am done worrying about my insomnia, I will finish my glass of warm milk and head back to bed.  Here’s to 7 hours of good sleep,Cheers!

Mary Kate

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Note to Self: Dress Becca AFTER She Eats

Becca is in that stage where she wants to feed herself and she loves mixing her food together. Last night, she placed pieces of her fish and vegetables into her glass of milk and then proceeded to drink at least a little of it (ugh!). This morning, she put her raisins, cheerios and celery into her yogurt and then took a couple of bites. She loves to slosh things around and mix it all together.

It can be quite comical to watch but a pain in the neck to clean up. She inevitably tears off her bib and proceeds to get her milk/yogurt or smashed banana all over her clothes, hands, high-chair tray and face.

This morning as I got her dressed, I thought, “I probably should wait until she eats breakfast.” But in the interest of efficiency (change her diaper and her clothes at the same time), I decided that it would be fine. Unfortunately, it wasn’t fine at all. There is yogurt all through her hair, face and clothes. I am considering giving her a bath and will have to change at least part of her outfit (she had it on for 10 minutes!!!!).

I wish we lived in a warmer climate because I would just feed her naked! Until it gets warmer, I am going to have to invest in some bibs that tie. Maybe she will do better with that than the Velcro ones (who am I kidding? I have to try though; I have to try).

Mary Kate

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