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Where Have I Been?

How long has it been since I wrote a post? A loooonnnnng time! And honestly, that really sums up my life right now. I still try to login to my Google Reader periodically and I just have the utmost respect for you wonder woman mothers out there that are able to balance work, motherhood, matrimony and blogging. I’m truly jealous of your energy and multitasking skills that surpass my level of comprehension. I, on the other hand, am having a very difficult time just simply keeping up with my everyday life. So my first post in a loooooonnnggg time is going to be a list of all the things that have dropped out of my life that I miss.

1.) Catching up with friends – One of my dearest friends and greatest sources of motherhood advice lives in North Carolina and I don’t call her half as much as I’d like. Not to mention my friends right here in the city that I can’t seem to get together with.

2.) Thank you cards – John Patrick’s baptism was about 3 weeks ago and still on my list of things to do is to write about 12 thank you cards. And I used to pride myself on getting these out within a week of a gift or event.

3.) There’s something growing in the tub – to say my apartment is disgusting right now is the understatement of the century. I’ll just leave it at that.

4.) John Patrick’s baby book – this stresses me out more than anything else. Sometimes I want him to stop growing just so I can catch up with recording it. What kind of mother does it make me?

5.) Send pictures to my Meema – thank God for email and online photo albums but since Meema isn’t really a computer whiz, I really need to mail her some pictures.

6.) I need a haircut bad. I don’t think I need to explain that one.

7.) I need clothes that fit. I’m too tired to shop.

8.) I’d like to plan a fun family trip for my husbands birthday.

9.) I need to finish decorating John Patrick’s nursery.

10.) I’d like to blog more…..

Hey, at least I’ve gotten one post down. How do you all do it?




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