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Scraping Becca’s Leg

Do you see the black kid’s tray on this stroller? The easiest way to get Becca into the stroller is to swing the tray open, place Becca in the seat, buckle her in and then swing the tray closed and listen for the click. Since Becca has been walking, I have done this dozens of times without any problem until today.

This morning in the hub bub of preparing for the park and strapping Becca in, I managed to scrape her leg with the plastic tray. It made me sad to see the little tag of skin and then to see Becca’s face crumple into tears.

Mommy Did That!

Fortunately, I don’t believe it will do any permanent damage but it definitely put a damper on our morning.¬† On a happier note, Becca is currently¬† walking around the living room with the phone to her ear saying, “hello!”, “hello!” and laughing and chattering to herself.¬† Since misery loves company, I would love to hear others’ experiences with this.
Mary Kate



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