Juggling My New Schedule

Tomorrow is my third full week of school and so far, Becca and I seemed to have adjusted to our new schedule pretty well.  To be honest, I have been so busy I haven’t really had a chance to really take too many moments to reflect.  Instead, it feels as if I have been moving from one activity to another which makes each day long but makes the weeks fly past.  Tuesday night is my Meet-the-Teacher night so I am hopeful that I will feel a little better once I have finally met all of the parents.  Maybe things will settle into a routine once I pass that particular hurdle, hopefully without tripping 🙂

Hanging in there,

Mary Kate



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6 responses to “Juggling My New Schedule

  1. jerseygirl89

    I think things always settle down after that night. Before you know it, the routine will feel so normal – and then Christmas break will come along and mess it up again!

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  3. Lisa

    Hey Mary Kate,
    I am so glad that you are all doing well. I have been thinking of you and wishing you lots of luck with your new classroom! 🙂
    I am also doing OK and really getting into the swing of things – Craig LOVES ‘school’ and all of his little friends there (and running around outside there more than he ever did home with me on many days!). So far, so good – I can’t believe that it is October already… one month down, 9 more to go. I hope that this year flies by as fast as the last two did. OK, got to grade more papers… see you next week, I hope! And good luck parent night. As a parent, I am now reminded that as the teacher, I am probably a lot less nervous than they are (or should be less nervous). That new viewpoint of mine helped to keep me very calm and able to have an unforced sense of humor for the first time ever!! 🙂 hugs…

  4. Di

    Hi Mary Kate – I’m so happy to find you. I love your blog! And thanks for commenting – you are a winner of the Pay It Forward!

    Give me some time, and I’ll be getting some ideas on what I’m going to be creating.

  5. Don’t worry, your routine will settle down and all will be fine.
    I’d love it if you’d consider subscribing to my feed. Trying to get me readership up. 🙂

  6. I love your site!

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