He’s 8 Months Old Already?

John Patrick has just recently turned 8 months old. I am still in a state of disbelief. Where did the time go? But I do have to say – he is more fun every day. Here are all the cool things he is doing:

1.) Sings off-key very loudly (a wonderful skill I passed along to him)

2.) Crawls backwards

3.) Transfers toys from one hand to the other

4.) Attacks my face. No kidding, he literally attacks it. He grabs my hair and pulls my face to him and tries to bite my lip.

5.) Bounces on his dad’s lap until he does ‘the horsey’. (You can probably tell already who the boss is in our house.)

6.) Plays with a rubber ducky in the bath

7.) Makes word sounds like ‘maaaaa’ or ‘blaaaa’

8.) Eats EVERYTHING – loves anything at all, any fruit, any vegetable. He’s not one to turn down food (Please refer to picture above.)

9.) Gets really excited when he see me or his dad and looks for us when he hears our voices

10.) Plays in sandboxes (his favorite)

Happy 8 months my chunky monkey!!!




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2 responses to “He’s 8 Months Old Already?

  1. Cara

    I can’t believe he is 8 months old either and that I STILL haven’t seen him in person!! I can’t wait to meet him and steal some of the sweet baby chunk kisses 🙂

  2. Awww. Happy 8th month!

    If you haven’t already entered, this is the last week of our contest. All you have to do is guess. 🙂

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