Recent Celebrity Sighting at Jasper Beach, ME

Hiding Behind Dark Sunglasses

Hanging with Dad

Seal Spotted at Jasper Beach (Really, it’s there. See? Right, there!).

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Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Mary Kate



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6 responses to “Recent Celebrity Sighting at Jasper Beach, ME

  1. Amy

    Oh my gosh, how cute is she? I love when my little one wears sunglasses, it cracks me up!

  2. I especially love the hanging with dad, shot, and sure I see the wildlife….I tried, does that count?

    Happy WW, mine is:
    WW #23 How Many Leaders Does It Take?

  3. mkate

    Amy~ I know. There is just something about toddlers and sunglasses.

    Sassy Mama Bear~
    Thanks for stopping by! Pictures of Becca with her dad always makes me heart melt! By the way, trying to spot the wildlife definitely counts!

  4. So cute. Love the title too.

  5. mkate

    Maria~ Thanks! I was pretty proud of the title myself.

  6. Sunglasses are so cute. Some of my favorite pictures of my boys, are when they were wearing their shades. 🙂

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