Lost in the Wilderness

Omar, Becca and I just spent the last week or so in Maine. We spent some time visiting relatives (my aunt and uncle, my parents, my brother and my sister and their families), attending my high school reunion and hanging out in a cabin in the woods. We arrived home today and have begun the slow process of unpacking the car.

Before we left for our trip, I had grand visions of pre-writing blog posts and timing them to post on the appropriate days, having really cool guest bloggers or at least posting an announcement that I would be gone for awhile. Instead, I became so overwhelmed with preparing for the trip that none of that happened. When it was getting down to the wire,I had to start cutting out some of my to-do list and figured that it was more important for me to pack for the trip and figure out what to do with the cats than pre-write blog posts. Besides, I assumed I would have some time to at least create one or two short posts throughout the week. I always have such optimistic plans!

It ends up that anytime I had internet access I didn’t have a second to spare to get on the internet or the wireless connection was so secure that it was impossible to gain access or my mom had misplaced her password. When we arrived at the cabin in the woods and had some time on my hands, I discovered that I could barely get a cell phone signal and didn’t have a prayer of getting an internet connection. Boy, was that a culture shock!! Once I got over my disbelief that I would have very little contact with the outside world, I ended up embracing life in the wilderness and spent the week canoing, fishing, and whale watching.

Next time I plan on taking a weeks hiatus, I promise I will have a better plan. Really, I will!

In any case, it feels great to be back!

Mary Kate


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  1. jerseygirl89

    At this point, I’m just impressed you were able to pack for a week long vacation – I can barely manage to do the dishes! I’m glad you had fun.

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