The Library Fine Walk of Shame

Lately, I seem to be writing about the library a lot. What can I say? I spend a lot of time there.

One of my main reasons for going there is to get free books. Isn’t that one of the reasons most people go to the library? I can choose any book my heart desires and I don’t have to pay a red cent for them. If my library doesn’t have a certain book, I can even request it from one of the dozens of libraries in my county’s library system.

But here’s the thing, recently I requested all kinds of books from the inter-library loan and then I become overwhelmed by the sheer number of them and then I just got busy. So I lost track of time and began racking up fines for my books. When I returned the first batch of books, I had $20 in fines. Yep, that’s right. I paid $20 for free books. Instead of learning from my mistakes, I managed to return the next batch of books late and now have a $12 fee waiting for me. I am beginning to feel as if my free library card has morphed into a high interest credit card overnight. This is one walk of shame that I can not afford to keep making.

Mary Kate


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3 responses to “The Library Fine Walk of Shame

  1. mommaontherun

    I am sorry… I have to laugh… I think that this is a reoccurring problem since early childhood. I think you may have had your library card revoked at some point or your sisters. 🙂 You might have some underlying reason that you can’t return library books. Maybe it is the free thing. They aren’t free… you have to give them back. 🙂 Or, maybe it is the sharing thing… you have to learn to share… 🙂

  2. jerseygirl89

    I have had that problem before. It took the Kansas City library forbidding me from checking out new books to break the habit. Don’t let it happen to you!

  3. mkate

    Mommaontherun— I don’t recollect any earlier issues with my library card– you must be thinking of someone else ;). As for the free thing, my library is actually called the _______ free public library. I guess they don’t really meant that.

    Jerseygirl89– Thanks for the warning. I didn’t know your privileges could get suspended. I was upset because I was beginning to get embarrassed to show my face. It never occurred to me that I could lose the privilege to ‘share’ books.

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