Growing in Leaps and Bounds

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that Becca is doing and saying these days. She is truly becoming her own little person and she is a joy to be around. Here are just a few random things that are going on with her at 21 mos.

She loves, loves, loves our cat, Dillon, who she has inexplicably renamed, “Kema.” Occasionally, I have heard her call him Dillon but she seems to prefer her own name for him and he has begun to answer to it as well. I can’t help but wonder if maybe “Kema” is Dillon’s name for himself and he just let Becca in on the secret.

One of her current favorite activities is to open and close boxes/bags and put things in or take them out. She found a ziplock full of unsharpened pencils and spent a good 20 minutes or so carefully taking all the pencils out and placing them on the ground and then she will carefully put them all back again. When I am looking for a way to distract her (usually when I am on the phone), I have been known to give her a ziplock bag, stuff it with things and then just watch as she empties and fills it over and over again.
She is becoming a little daredevil. She loves to position herself in the corner of our sectional and then throw herself back against the pillows, again and again. She also will stack up a pile of pillows on our bed and throw herself into them~ she looks like a flying squirrel when she does this. I have caught her a few times trying to climb from a chair to a table or counter and really pushing how far her legs can stretch. I am finding that I have to balance my need to keep her safe and her need to push her own limits.

She has rhythm! When a song comes on with a little beat, she will immediately start bopping along to it! It is the cutest thing. She has even begun adding hand movements which is hilarious to see! She loves dancing and “singing” along to the radio.

I love watching her personality unfold and am continually amazed at her response to the world around her.

Mary Kate

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