Happy Six Month Birthday!

John Patrick is six months old today. I can’t believe it’s already been six months since he was born! On the other hand, I can’t even remember what my life was like without him. When I try to remember, it seems like a lifetime ago.

Here are my favorite things he’s doing now:

  • He had his first taste of banana baby food tonight – he’s quite an eater.
  • He attacks my face and tries to suck on my chin.
  • He stands up in his exersaucer and plays with toys.
  • He plays with his hands and reaches for everything.
  • He yells when he’s mad – I mean really YELLS. Sometimes it seems as though he’s cussing us out.
  • He plays in the bath.
  • He smiles and looks for us when he hears our voices.
  • He looks at books as if he’s reading them whenever I read aloud to him.
  • He watches Sesame Street.

Who knew six months ago that the little 5 pound preemie would be doing such cool things in only six months. Well, at least I think they’re cool. 🙂

Happy Six Month Birthday Mi Amore.



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One response to “Happy Six Month Birthday!

  1. Happy 6 Month Birthday. Yay for all his milestones.

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