Word World Rocks!

Word World Logo

A few months ago, I stumbled across Word World and was really impressed with the clever way they incorporate words into the program.

The theme of the show is, “Where words come alive.” And it is really true. I was going to try to explain what that means but instead I will just show you:

Word World Characters

Isn’t that cool how the bear, dog, frog and duck are all drawn using the letters of their name? I think it is!

Basically, each episode revolves around some sort of problem with a word (i.e. Pig didn’t have enough pies for his friends until he added an “s” to the word “Pie”). Throughout the episode, you can see people, objects and buildings that have their letter incorporated into them. The characters will be seen building a variety of words and having the letters morph into the object (b-o-o-k becomes a book). Near the end of each episode the characters solve their problem by “Building a Word”.

As I watch the episodes with Becca, I find that I have am as fascinated by P-I-E turning into PIE (and looking like a cherry pie) as Becca is (if not more so). I am continually amazed at how clever the illustrators are.

Admittedly, at 21 months, Becca has quite a while before she will be building her own words. However, I love the exposure to words that she is receiving from this show. It is helping her to make a clear connection between the sound “robot”, the letters R-O-B-O-T and the word, “robot” which can be a difficult concept to grasp.

I think that Word World would be perfect for children from 3-5 years old. I also think that 6-8 year olds may still get a kick out of it and I believe that parents will enjoy the fun graphics and music (although the “It’s Time to Build a Word” song can get a little annoying.)

Now that I have shared an educational television program with you, I would love to hear about your favorite program.

Mary Kate



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2 responses to “Word World Rocks!

  1. jerseygirl89

    We love that show here, too! And for some reason, my children are obsessed with Lazytown on Noggin. Truth be told, they’ll happily watch any show on Noggin.

  2. Michelle

    He’s two and I caught him spelling the words as there building a word, the other day- I nearly cried with happiness… We’ve been watching for months now..There are two other shows he cares for -Signing Time on PBS and the Little Einsteins… both are interactive and done to music one of course teaches children how to sign (he actually learned his colours and animals too) and the other teaches art and music, along with culture and weather, cool for toddlers and older…

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