Everything Educational Thursday

Jen and I would like to introduce “Everything Educational Thursday.” The idea started because I have been posting about Becca becoming Bilingual and had decided to post something about language development (and specifically bilingual language development) each week which would naturally turn into discussions about her reading/writing in English/Spanish. Since both Jen and I have a teaching background and are currently working in the education field, I thought it might be fun to post things with an educational twist. Since we both have done research on the latest ‘best practices’ and trained teachers in them– why not pass this info on to the ‘first teachers’ — the parents?

So, this will be “Everything Educational Thursday.” We might post about an educational toy we’ve discovered or the ways that we incorporate education into our lives. For instance, since Becca was an infant I have been singing a phonics based alphabet to her (“baby lamb, baby lamb a a a– based on Open Court) and that is something other parents may not have thought to do.

I also hope that people will contribute ideas in the comments or create their own “Everything Educational Thursday” and link back to us.

Let the education begin 🙂

Mary Kate


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