Blog Block

Block on WheelSo I’ve been having some difficulty writing on my blog this week. I am not sure exactly what has been going on with me. I had some really great post ideas but haven’t been able to execute any of them. Instead, I find myself making excuses for not blogging or writing/rewriting a sentence until I run out of time to complete the post. In an effort to break the block, I am going to publish this post and get back to business on Monday. I am confident that I will complete a “Take a Moment” Monday post, a “Wordless Wednesday” post and a “Walk of Shame” post. I also have high hopes for an “Everything Educational Thursday” post and a “Snapshot Saturday” post (two ideas that I have been planning on implementing).
Thanks to all of you who have kept stopping by even though I haven’t had too much to say.

Mary Kate



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3 responses to “Blog Block

  1. I would love to join you for Everything Educational Thursday and Snapshot Saturday! Would you mind? They sound like great ideas.

  2. mkate


    I would love you to join me! We should come up with a cool button to place on each of our blogs!

  3. I lost your e-mail in my inbox. It has been a bit crazy this week because Eliza has a terrible cough so no naps really and not much sleeping. This all adds up to a tired busy mommy. What were you thinking for Everything Educational Thursday. I wish I was better at buttons…are you any good? My e-mail is

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