Shame on Kathie Lee!

This week I would like to dedicate my “Walk of Shame” post to Kathie Lee’s Today show segment on “Mommy Bloggers.” If you somehow missed the segment, you can see it here.

Shame on Kathie Lee for not researching the subject of blogging before actually participating in a segment on it.

Shame on Kathie Lee for expressing an opinion when she had no idea what she was really talking about. She should have deferred to her partner, Hoda Kotb, stuck with the script or actually allowed Heather Armstrong to speak. I know I would have liked to hear more about her actual experience as a “mommy blogger” instead of hearing about Kathie Lee’s assumptions.

Shame on Kathie Lee for not even realizing she has her own blog.

Shame on Kathie Lee for accusing Heather Armstrong and other “Mommy Bloggers” of violating their children’s privacy when she was notorious for “yakking” about Cody and Cassidy ad nauseum for 10 years of Live with Regis and Kathy Lee.

Shame on Kathie Lee (and the Today Show) for dismissing the impact of blogging on our culture and diminishing the role of women in general (“yakking on the phone”). Considering that 152,005,525 people visited blogs in April, it appears as if Kathie Lee’s segment just confirmed how out of touch she is.

What were your thoughts on the Today Show segment? What do you think about blogging and “mommy bloggers”?

Mary Kate



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4 responses to “Shame on Kathie Lee!

  1. I thought it was wildly entertaining.

    I particularly loved when she called her son Obnoxious for no apparent reason.

    Loved it so much I recorded it.

  2. mkate


    Kathie Lee is definitely pretty comical. Also, there is nothing like a little controversy to bring attention to “mommy bloggers”. I think I might take another look at it!

  3. Great post. I agree.

  4. jerseygirl89

    Can I tell you how happy I am that I missed this – there are enough things in the world that seem to be pissing me off these days.

    But then, I’ve always hated her. Now I can even feel justified about it. 🙂

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