And I thought I looked good…

Last night I had plans to go see a movie with my best friend. Because I don’t get out much (surprise, surprise), I thought I’d get a little “dolled” up and at least make an effort to not smell like spit up.

I should preface this story by saying that I was definitely NOT one of those people who had a baby and immediately lost 40 lbs, walking out of the hospital in skinny jeans. I was swollen for weeks after giving birth and I’m still a good 20 lbs heavier than I was before I got pregnant. And to put things in perspective – John Patrick is about to turn 5 months. So all of these things have gotten me a little down and somewhat self-conscious. And I’ve been struggling with being a Mommy but also being a woman and wanting to put myself back together a little bit.

Back to the story…..

So last night I took a shower. I put on my pre-pregnancy jeans. (Ok, I couldn’t breathe, but they were buttoned at least!) I straightened my hair, actually put makeup on and wore a cute new top with an empire waist to hide the fact that my stomach is still a big mess. I was starting to feel better. And yes, I’ll say it. I was looking good (so I thought). I listened to my IPOD all the way to the theater and “Seal” got me into the going out on the town mood. I was feeling like I was back. In my head, I was telling myself, “Ok, I’m not a size 8 but I look pretty good for a Mom and I’m getting back to my old self slowly.” I met up with my friend, saw a great documentary and then we decided to go for a couple of drinks afterward.

As we left the theater it happened. The mother of all insults. The big one. The big Kahuna. The usher at the theater said……………….

“Goodnight, and Congratulations!” At which point I saw the look of horror on my friend’s face as she asked “for what?” This is the point where he pointed at me and said “because she’s PREGNANT“.

So self-esteem shot…….

Someone pass the donuts.




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4 responses to “And I thought I looked good…

  1. Tonia

    Don’t give yourself a hard time – it has ONLY been 5 months. I’m currently pregnant with my third, and I’ve decided it takes me about 2 years to get back to a decent weight. Actually, I had just gotten back to my pre-first pregnancy weight (which at that point was an all-time high) just a couple of months before I got pregnant this time. In my defense, I actually weighed less when I got pregnant the second time than I did the first. Also, while nursing made losing weight easier, weaning made the weight come back, so there’s always that to take into consideration. So that’s all a very long way to say – 5 months is not a long time and don’t be so hard on yourself. You got out for an evening with a friend and made an effort with your looks (and got your jeans buttoned!). Now THAT is an accomplishment to be proud of.

  2. I hope you taught him a lesson. Don’t people ever learn that unless you see a head crowning you should never assume someone is pregnant!

  3. You poor girl!! I hope you gave the usher a piece of your mind.

  4. mkate

    I bet you did look good!

    Those empire waist shirts are going to cause A LOT of trouble this summer/fall! And it sounds as if that usher might be the first casualty!

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