Warning, Warning: The Diaper will Fail in 3, 2, 1…

wah, wah, wah…

As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I tried to figure out what was the best course of action. Was this an attention-seeking cry or a problem cry? I decided to give it a few minutes and see if Becca would settle back down again.

Wah, WAH, WWWW-AAA-HHH rattle-rattle

Clearly, she wasn’t settling down. When I walked into her room, I could see her sitting up in bed, crying and flapping her arms. When I reached down to pick her up, I could feel that the outside of her sleeper was wet and her mattress was wet. There was actually a puddle of urine in her crib. Ugh!!!!

It was 2 a.m. and I needed to be up by 6 so I needed to resolve this situation pretty quickly. As I changed her clothes, I questioned whether to change her sheet, tempted to just bring her into bed with us. I pondered my options as I balanced the diaper in my hand. It was diaper was filled to the brim with liquid and must have weighed a few pounds minimum. I didn’t dare to wrap it closed (like I normally would) for fear that urine would squirt in every direction like a burst water balloon. In the interest of keeping Becca in her own bed, I changed the crib sheet (a ton of fun at 2 a.m.), wrapped up all the bedding in a dry towel and rocked Becca for a few minutes before putting her back to bed.

As I rocked her, I drowsily tried to figure out what happened. In the effort to night wean Becca, I had given her quite a bit of juice/water right before bed. As I changed her into her pjs, I had questioned whether or not to change her diaper and opted not to change it (it didn’t feel wet). Now I wondered if maybe I should have changed it.

When Becca calmed settled down again, I carefully placed her back into her crib, covered her with a dry blanket and stumbled back to bed.

Mary Kate



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3 responses to “Warning, Warning: The Diaper will Fail in 3, 2, 1…

  1. My girl has been soaking through her sleeper recently, too. Yummy! Nothin like 10 pounds of pee (and poop, in her case) in a 5 pound bag! But I have “The Ultimate Crib Sheet”, and it was soooo worth it. It goes on top of the sheets, attaches to the crib bars with elastic snaps, and is soft on one side, waterproof on the other side. When she leaks, I just pull it off, and slap another one back on. You don’t have to change the sheets, or remove bumpers or anything like that. Done and done. BB R Us carries it.

    Oh, and my meme post is up. Finally. 😉

  2. Nothing like a 50lb diaper and a wet crib sheet. We have lucked out and Eliza hasn’t leaked yet. Unless you count the two times she pooped all over our bed when she had a tummy bug! I did the meme you tagged me with last week! Thanks for thinking of me.

  3. mkate


    I have heard great things about the ultimate crib sheet but don’t quite understand how they worked. I think I will have to take another look at them.

    Oh No!!!!! A sick baby and a wet bed— Ugh!

    Thanks for doing the meme. I can’t wait to see your responses.

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