Walk of Shame – Literally!

Life is always just a tad bit different living in NYC.

My daycare has a policy that parents must put little scrub-like booties over their shoes before entering classrooms. I think it’s a brilliant policy. Can you imagine walking all over the streets of New York then walking into an infant room and seeing babies crawling all over the floor? Yuck! So everyday I either put on the booties before entering John Patrick’s classroom or I take my shoes off.

Remember Monday? Remember how it rained and rained and rained? Well, this threw me off for some reason. I think it was dealing with the plastic cover over the stroller. Why do they make those so complicated? Anyway, after a long battle with 5 pounds of plastic, bundling John Patrick, and gathering up bottles, messy clothes, pacifiers and a gigantic diaper bag, I felt pretty ready to make the 4 block trudge home in the rain.

As I walked home, getting more and more soaked with each step (of course I don’t have a rain coat on or an umbrella), I happen to look down only a block away from my house. Low and behold, what do I see on my feet? You guessed it, the bright blue booties over my rain boots. As I laughed out loud, the first thought that popped in my head was – I’m doing the mommy mush-brain walk of shame today!

And you know what I love about New York? No one on the street even gave me a second glance. Because somehow here walking in the rain with paper scrubs covering your rain boots isn’t all that crazy. Ha!



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One response to “Walk of Shame – Literally!

  1. Jimdaddy

    What do you call the walk when you’re wearing your purple Uggs?

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