Unlocking Her RoomOne of Becca’s favorite activities is to grab my keys and walk around the house “unlocking” things. It is just a reminder that she does not miss a trick!

Unlocking the Living Room

I have a feeling that I better keep track of my keys and make sure that my little locksmith doesn’t place them somewhere for safe keeping.

“If I could just figure out which key, I know I could get out of here. I just know it!”

What has your son or daughter noticed that surprises you?

Mary Kate



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2 responses to “They Notice EVERYTHING!

  1. Leila finds stuff on the floor I couldn’t see with a magnifying glass. She finds fuzz and paper and all sorts of stuff she should not put in her mouth. It’s amazing. She’ll be crawling along and come to a screeching halt, to pick up something I can’t even see. (She’s only 9 months, so there’s not a whole lot of mimicking going on)

    And thanks, I’m really looking forward to working on the NJMoms blog! I think it’ll be fun. And great to meet new people.

  2. mkate

    Kate– It is so true! Becca will look at me as she picks up a piece of dust/debris and put it to her mouth just to see my reaction!

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