Play-Doh Fun


Play-doh= $2.49

30 minutes of quiet playtime= PRICELESS!!!

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Mary Kate


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5 responses to “Play-Doh Fun

  1. I too love when my dd’s playing with playdough,ahh bliss.your dd is adorable…happy ww.

  2. Amy

    Beautiful picture! We actually made ours and did the same not to long ago ourselves- we had fun as well.

  3. She looks so happy. My mom never let me play with play doh! She is one lucky girl.

  4. Cute! I’m looking forward to when my twins can hang tight with PlayDoh for minutes on end. Too young yet.

  5. mkate

    Michelle- I loved your coloring post! I am looking forward to when Becca can color without moving onto the tablecloth and walls 🙂

    Amy- I would love the recipe. I bet its easy to make.

    Danielle- I don’t remember playing with it much. You’ll notice she is strapped into her high chair. It helps to contain the mess.

    Hatchet- They will get there before you know it. It’s amazing how quickly they grow.

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