Clean Teeth!

Thanks to all of your suggestions on “Looking for Toothbrush Help Walk of Shame,” Becca’s teeth are clean and shiny!  After reading the responses to my post, I realized that I was allowing Becca to treat her toothbrush as a toy and it was time for me to change our routine a little.

I began by going out and buying two new toothbrushes– one for each bathroom.  I then started a new routine.  Instead of handing the toothbrush to her and allowing her to wander around the house with it (which isn’t the safest habit), Becca stands on a stool in front of the bathroom sink.  We then brush our teeth together.  This gives me an opportunity to model my great brushing technique 🙂 and it helps me to monitor how long she is brushing.   

When I am done, I quickly run my toothbrush under running water and help Becca to do the same.  At this point, I put both toothbrushes away (which sometimes requires me to peel Becca’s finger off of hers one by one).  If Becca starts crying, I pick her up and divert her with a new activity (which works about 90% of the time so far).  After doing this for about a week or so, Becca has begun to give me back her toothbrush when she sees that I am finishing up.    Now I just need to work on her actually brushing her teeth rather than just chewing on her toothbrush!

So thanks everyone!


Mary Kate



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5 responses to “Clean Teeth!

  1. Are you living in my house?
    My son grabs the toothbrush & bites all the time.
    Not to mention he has a death grip on it that I need a sledge hammer to get off.
    This didn’t happen with his Garfield toothbrush but the Elmo one (like the one you have pictured).

    He’s 20 months & loves to “bite” his toothbrush vs. brushing but at least it’s a start! LOL

  2. Glad you have found a solution. It sounds like the brushing is going well!

  3. jerseygirl89

    Glad you found a solution. And when you find one for the toothbrush chewing, please share it. 🙂

    BTW, I tagged you!

  4. MommaOnTheRun

    This is great.

    An aside, my dentist said that having the kids dry brush outside the bathroom helps too. At the younger ages, dentists want children to become more comfortable with the toothbrush in their mouths. The dentist suggested that when my kids are sitting on the couch or in the high chair to let them chew on it or to brush with the toothbrush. He also suggested to give them the floss to use as well.

  5. mkate

    Meghan- Yeah, not a whole lot of brushing going on but at least the toothpaste is entering the vicinity of her mouth.

    Danielle– Thanks!

    JerseyGirl– Thanks for the tag! You should see a response on Monday.

    Mamaontherun- Good idea! I was letting her dry brush but then I couldn’t keep track of the brushes. I like the idea of giving her a toothbrush while she is sitting in her high chair. The idea of giving her floss just worries me a little but maybe I’ll try it with supervision.

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