Appreciating the Library

This week is National Library Week  which means we should all take a momoent to appreciate our libraries.  Omar, Becca and I have spent quite a bit of time at our local library and definitely make use of most of its resources.  


As a Work-At-Home Mom, former teacher and mom of a toddler, I love-love-love my library.  I remember when I first moved to the suburbs, I was thrilled to learn that the library was open until 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday and open most weekends.  In the city, the libraries within walking distance of my apartment usually closed by 6 p.m. and were closed on Sundays.  When I was teaching, I would often swing by the library after work to pick up some books from my class.  On a few rainy weekends, I have incorporated the library into our errands to give Becca a chance to play and read a little bit.  

When I moved here, I was also thrilled to learn that my library card was honored in all of the libraries in my county including the local community college.  Since moving here, Omar and I (and now Becca) have made the trek to many of the county’s libraries.  Right after Becca was born, Omar and I became addicted to House, M.D. so we made a bi-weekly trek to the one library in the area with the 2nd season of House, M.D. on DVD.  We have also checked out all of the children’s rooms within a 20 mile radius of our house and know which ones are a separate room from the main library and which have the best selection of toys. 

Now, as a work-at-home mom, I often will use the library as an escape from my home office.  In fact, I am typing this in my local library. I find that working at my local library (or community college library) helps keeps me focused and prevents me from becoming distracted by the need to do a load of laundry or unload the dishwasher.  My local library even has an “adult study room” which adds an extra dimension of privacy and even allows me to make a few discrete cell phone calls, if necessary.  My local community college’s library has allowed me to conduct a variety of research on education and social work topics. 

I also have been known to bring Becca and my mother-in-law (Becca’s daily caregiver) to play in the children’s section of the library while I get some work done.  This was especially helpful in the grey winter months to counteract Becca’s cabin fever.  I usually could get some writing completed while Becca happily played.  When it was time to head home, I had usually completed enough work that I could spend some quality time with Becca.  

Children's Library Room

Mary Kate




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3 responses to “Appreciating the Library

  1. Oh how I love books!!! I want to have a huge library in my house one day!!

    Oh to dream!

  2. I didn’t know it was national library week. That makes me a BAD Kindergarten teacher. Good thing it is only Monday. I LOVE my library and I go there all the time. I can’t wait until Eliza starts to appreciate it more. Great post!

  3. mkate

    Dana- I agree! I love books as well.

    Danielle- I have a feeling you will figure out a way to work this into your week and your kids will have no idea you didn’t know. You will have to let me know what you do with your students.

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