Back to Work

I really thought the first 6 weeks having John Patrick home were hard. But nothing prepared me for going back to work. It has been so much harder than I imagined it would be. Simple sayings such as “not enough hours in the day” have a whole new meaning to me now.

Here are the top ten things I’ve learned in the last week and a half being back at work:

1.) My boss doesn’t believe in “adjustment” periods.

2.) People who get a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night are super annoying in the morning.

3.) I’m jealous of my son’s daycare teacher.

4.) It’s possible to fall asleep while pumping.

5.) Stress causes my milk supply to decrease.

6.) John Patrick now needs 6 ounces per feeding.

7.) Our laundry bill each month could feed a small country in Africa.

8.) Being broke isn’t so painful if you don’t have time to shop for anything.

9.) Time goes by ten times faster on the weekends.

10.) Exhaustion makes me write silly posts.




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3 responses to “Back to Work

  1. I am sorry going back to work is making you unhappy. I am not enjoying it that much myself. I want to be home with Eliza. There are things I like about being back- but the constant pace of work, daycare, and quick weeekends is tiring me out.

  2. mkate


    I feel your pain. It is hard to get back to work and your particular boss doesn’t make it any better. Hang in there! It definitely gets better…

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