The Blogging Walk of Shame

My baby has a fever of 102.7 and I am sitting her typing away instead of comforting her.  Omar is sitting with her so it isn’t as if she is alone but still…

shouldn’t I be rubbing her head or something?

I also called the doctor, got Becca some apple juice and gave her a dose of tylenol.   I hope she is feeling better in the morning.  In the meantime, I have thought of a few post ideas…
Mary Kate


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4 responses to “The Blogging Walk of Shame

  1. I hope the baby starts to feel better soon….

  2. awe. I hope she feels better. I am always doing the blog walk of shame…with promises of just one more minute.

  3. jerseygirl89

    I hope she feels better soon. And as long as someone is sitting with her you don’t have to feel ashamed.

  4. mkate

    Good news~ Becca is feeling better. I was up with her on-and-off all night so any shame I was feeling has completely evaporated. This mom thing really is 24/7!

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