Slowing Down and Letting Go

I believe that there are certain lessons that I need to master in my life. My current life lesson appears to be, “slow down and let go.” Numerous times since I became pregnant with Becca, I have been presented with situations where the lesson to be learned is, “slow down and let go.”

When I was pregnant, I physically couldn’t move as fast as I used to be able to move. Now that she is out and about, everything just takes a whole lot more time then it used to take. Even something as simple as moving between our 1st and 2nd floor has become a bigger production. I am often carrying Becca (and anything else I might need) or I am ‘assisting’ her as she walks up or down the stairs.


For awhile, I found myself feeling frustrated over the need to “slow down and let go” but after receiving the lesson again and again (I admit I am a s-l-o-w learner), I have gradually learned to take a deep breathe and take it one step at a time. I have even learned to enjoy the process more— soaking in the feel of Becca’s head buried in my shoulder as I carry her (and all my earthly possessions) down the stairs.

As I type this, I am sitting in the glider in Becca’s room as she slowly wakes up for the day. She is laying on her back, talking and singing to her Minnie Mouse stuffed animal with no worry about the day ahead of her. She certainly doesn’t need anyone to teach her to ‘slow down and let go.’

What lessons has the universe been sending your way?

Mary Kate



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4 responses to “Slowing Down and Letting Go

  1. Great post. I find myself trying to learn the same lesson. I do things FAST! Now that Eliza is here I am always antsy that I am not getting anything done. The other night while rocking her I tried to embrace the moment and remember it is ok to stop and enjoy the moment. I need to S-L-O-W down more often.

  2. MommaOnTheRun

    I have been receiving the message that taking one child to an activity while having another one with you is an act of insanity. Do you let your child run around while you wait or do you hold them and let them scream like they are being tortured? The easy answer is don’t go. However, how do you deny one child because the other is acting like a mini-maniac? Also, you must stay, you can’t leave… what do you do when your second or third child refuses to cooperate.

    This goes for the Doctor’s office too. When one child is sick and you just must go and you have to take your other child or children, who just might act like mini-maniacs, what are your options????

  3. mellissa

    You are so right.. 4 kids later, im still learning and finally caught up with ‘slow down.. and slowly let go’.

  4. This is such a hard thing for most mommies, but it is so worth it once we realize all we gain for slowing down to the pace of our child.

    But, just wait because the next phase is hurry up and wait!

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