Tradition! Tradition!

I love that I have the opportunity to create traditions with Becca that she may possibly recreate someday on her own or with her own family. I also love blending my own family traditions with Omar’s traditions and adding our own OMARY twist.

I was speaking with some friends this week who had older children and they gave me the following sage advice:

Do not do start doing anything that you are not willing to continue doing for the next 20 years.

Keeping that in mind, this has been our Easter so far:

Becca came downstairs with her dad and I to discover the Easter Bunny had been there.

Her basket had a bunny balloon attached to it, was filled with toys and books rather than candy and was perched atop two wrapped presents.

Omar, his mom and I had our own baskets which consist of a mix of chocolate and candy (These are very reflective of what I would have discovered in my own Easter Basket).

After Becca has played with her balloon and discovered all of the items in her basket:

She opened her two presents:

and played with them for a little while.

While Becca was playing with her toys, Martha (Omar’s mom), Omar and I made breakfast. So we all sat down and ate together. Becca used her new Diego plate, fork and spoon and her new Dora cup.

After breakfast, Omar took Becca upstairs to chill out a little and change into play clothes. While they were upstairs, I put some eggs on to boil and went outside to ‘hide’ the plastic eggs filled with stickers (we opted not to hide decorated hard boiled eggs). I made sure to count the eggs before I hid them so I would be confident they all had been found. (It is amazing how obvious the hiding places seemed while I was hiding the eggs and how difficult they seemed when we were looking for them).

Once Becca was dressed, she came down to decorate the eggs. I wasn’t sure how many she would want to decorate so I boiled 6 and figured if she was really into decorating the eggs, we could just decorate some regular eggs. Becca really enjoyed placing the eggs in the dye but lost interest after 3 eggs so Martha and I decorated the last three.

Next, we placed a jacket on Becca and took her out to ‘find’ the eggs. I was surprised at how quickly she ‘got’ that she needed to pick up the eggs and place them in her basket. She had a little difficulty walking across the grass; it was crunchy and thick from the winter so it was very uneven. However, she really enjoyed ‘searching’ for the eggs. She also managed to find a few golf balls as well (Left there by our teenage neighbors.)

Once we returned to the house, we all began getting ready for church and our Easter dinner (we are heading to my grandmother’s house to celebrate with family).

All in all, it was a very nice day and I would definitely be willing to recreate it again next year!

Happy Easter and Happy Spring! I would love to hear about your Easter traditions.

Mary Kate


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3 responses to “Tradition! Tradition!

  1. You will be amazed next year at how much more proficient your little girl will be at coloring her eggs! One year we only managed a couple and this year the oldest wasn’t tired after several dozen! She was especially enchanted with decals! I thought they would love the glitter that you stick on them, but not only was the glitter messy; the girls just weren’t as taken with it as I imagined they would be! Happy Easter!

  2. Ha ha—good point about what you’re willing to do year after year! We learned the hard way with a few traditions, and fortunately the kids were still young enough that we could discreetly drop the ideas that weren’t working.

    I loved your comment over at my place—I thought it was really well-thought-out and brought up some interesting points I hadn’t thought of.

  3. Jus

    OMARY is sooo cute!

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