Thinking Positively about Daycare

This coming Monday is the day – the day I’ve been dreading since I saw the little pink line on the pregnancy test. It’s the day John Patrick goes to daycare. I really want to write about all the things I’m terrified about, all the guilt I have, and this lump in my throat that won’t go away. But I’m not going to do it. This is a part of life and I have to pull myself together. So instead, I’m going to write about all the wonderfully positive things about daycare.

Here they are:

1.) There are more toys there for him to play with.

2.) Our daycare is very multicultural so he will be exposed to a variety of cultures.

3.) He will make his first friends.

4.) His teacher already loves him.

5.) I can have a little break. (I can’t tell you how guilty I feel even writing that one.)

6.) Our time together will be even more special.

7.) He will start to get used to other people taking care of him and therefore not cry hysterically when Mommy isn’t in the room.

8.) His teachers will be focusing on him and his class. So he will be doing fun things instead of sitting in a bouncy seat all day watching me work.

9.) He’ll socialize and learn lessons that Mommy and Daddy can’t teach him.

10.) School birthday parties!

Why don’t I feel better?



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2 responses to “Thinking Positively about Daycare

  1. I took the low road and wrote all of the things I was worried about. haha. I wish I had some more inspiring words of advice. Eliza has been sick since she started day care. However, she does LOVE it and the people there are so nice and adore her. My day care is mulitcultrural as well and to me that is a huge plus. Time for yourself is NOTHING to feel guilty about. It makes you a better mommy. Hang in there. It will get easier one you get into the routine. Eliza and I will be thinking about you and John Patrick.

  2. Hi,

    I came here via SV momblogs… I am a contributing blogger, and lone male voice at DC Metro Moms.

    Don’t feel guilty… my youngest is in third grade now and still loves her former daycare provider like she is family… and don’t fel guilty about enjoying the brak, either!



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