My Car Seat Walk of Shame

I’ve gone back and forth on what Mommy Shame I should divulge.  Should I start with something small so I don’t horrify my audience and scare them away?  Or should I just lay it all out there for them to sift through (sometimes referred to as naked blogging).  After much thought, I decided to take a middle-of-the road route.  Not so revealing that I would be afraid to be seen around these premises for awhile but not to tame either (after rereading my post, I think my confessions are somewhat tame.  However, my next car seat confession will take me to a whole new level).

 So I have some Mommy shame around the car seat.

1. When Becca was about 4 months old, we had spent the morning doing errands and we were on the way home.  Becca had been a little fussy and started crying pretty loudly soon after we got in the car.  Since I had *just* fed her and changed her and we were only 10 minutes from home, I decided to tough it out.  Becca seemed to get more and more hysterical but there really wasn’t anywhere to pull over and we were almost home.  I began singing to her and reached behind me to rub her head (this sometimes soothed her) only to discover it was much lower than I expected.  I quickly glanced in the rearview mirror to see that I had somehow placed Becca’s car seat so that her head was horizontal to the seat and her legs were in the air.  She had been trying to tell me this for the past 10 minutes or so and I had completely ignored her (in my mommy wisdom, I *knew* that she had no reason to complain.  

2.  Right around 6 months, Becca really seemed to dislike the carseat.  Everytime I put her in it she would begin crying pretty quickly and seemed pretty upset about being in the car.  As I often did at that time, I logged onto my “Birth Club”at to see if other moms were having a similar issue.  It seemed as if there were a few moms who’s baby didn’t like the car so I figured I must have one of those car-hating babies.  I was a little worried becuase we often need to travel for family events but I figured there wasn’t a whole lot I could do about it.  Not to long after that, Becca and I had been out doing errand (see a pattern here?) and I had stopped at Wendy’s to pick up lunch for me and nurse Becca.  I climbed into the backseat to nurse Becca and while I was back there I noticed something interesting about her car seat— there was a slot to change the HEIGHT of the harness straps! At 9 months old, I was still strapping Becca into the height for a newborn.  My poor baby was being squished into her car seat!  No wonder she hated it!  I quickly pulled apart the car seat (which was harder to do than I expected) and  readjusted the harness straps AND the front clip.  I placed Becca into the seat and I could see her wiggly around as she adjusted to the new space.  I didn’t hear a peep out of her the whole ride home!

I started to share one more Car Seat Walk of Shame but realized this particular incident needed its own post.  Therefore, if you would like to witness my ultimate Car Seat Walk of Shame, you will need to check back in next Friday, for the big reveal (can you tell I watch a lot of reality t.v.)

Quickly averting my eyes and slinking out of the room as I go to check that Becca’s car seat is buckled and positioned properly.

Mary Kate



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4 responses to “My Car Seat Walk of Shame

  1. OH MY! That was very funny. We just changed Eliza’s straps because she is so tall.

  2. Jerseygirl89

    I could write about the time I forgot to strap Ironflower in, but I’m too embarrassed. Those are not so bad in comparison, though!

  3. Q&Q

    LOL! Great post. I just dropped in while browsing the internet. Thank you for sharing. No parent is perfect. We’ve done our share of “shames”. I’ll have to call them all up and maybe share on my blog.

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