Little Pitchers Have Big Ears (and Eyes)!

From the moment Becca was born, she was aware of her surroundings. When the nurse first handed Becca to Omar wrapped up like a papoose, I was surprised to see that her eyes were wide open and blinking at everything around her. She looked like a little owl with her slow, methodical blinking. As soon as she got close to me, she intently focused on my face and I could feel her communicating with me: “I trust you”, blink, “to take care of me”, blink, “I trust you”, blink, “to take care of me”, blink. Right from the start, she knew how to assess her surroundings and determine who/what was important in them. Once she had determined that I would care for her, she promptly fell asleep.

Owl Eyes

Almost 18 months later, I am continually surprised at what she notices and is able to figure out. Without ever having a sip of coke, she quickly deduced there was something really delicious in that red can. She would see Omar drinking it and say, “mmm, mmm, mmm” with her arm out-stretched reaching for it.

Coke Can

It has really made me realize how important my eating and exercise habits are to her. If she sees me eating Hershey Kisses *like today* then she is going to beg and beg and beg for them. I’ve been trying to use her clear fascination with my eating and drinking habits as an incentive to make better food choices. I wish I could say that I was now always eating fruits and vegetables but I can tell you that I generally keep my ice cream eating and cookie snarfing until after she goes to bed.

Hershey Kiss Stamp

Have you been successful at changing any of your bad habits? If so, I’d love to hear about it. If not, I would love to commiserate with you 🙂

Mary Kate



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4 responses to “Little Pitchers Have Big Ears (and Eyes)!

  1. jerseygirl89

    I started out SO great. Then came the great McDonald’s debacle – wherein I had pumped and pumped to get ready for a girls’ night out. I had a great time but the next morning was rough. I NEEDED my hangover cure, which is McDonald’s. I loaded seven month old Ironflower into the car and as I was carrying everything back into the house, she grabbed the straw on my diet coke and she’s loved it ever since. I try to eat well in front of them, but they only things they every seem to notice are the “bad” foods I choose – they never want my broccoli!

  2. I have successfully given up the foods I consider bad . I gave up soda, anything with high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners about two years ago. Now I have gone Vegan so my diet is limited to beans, legumes, lots of yummy veggies and some soy. I really never ate fast food- my parents were always against it. It isn’t easy- but I want to set a good example for my daughter- and my husband too!!

  3. Since John Patrick is still too young to even notice what I am eating, I can only relate through breastfeeding. But since I understand I am nourishing him too, I drink less caffeine, little to no soda, and eat more veggies than I used to. But I also still eat the “bad” stuff and have a glass of wine or beer here and there. Hey, we’re only human. 🙂

  4. mkate

    You give me hope that I can change my bad habits.

    It’s true. She definitely keys in on the bad things much more than the good.

    You make a good point. I am only human.

    I also want to add that I want Becca to eat a lot of healthy things but I also understand the importance of having a balance in her life.

    Thanks everyone!

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