Getting Political for A Second

ETA: After further review of the Politics for Moms blog, I have determined there is a political slant. Therefore, I am removing the button from our blog. However, I will continue to reference this site for current information on politics.

You’ll notice that I placed a link to Politics for Moms on our sidebar. I ran across this blog as I was trying to find some info on the various candidates because I decided I want to make an informed decision this time around. The past few years I have become a ‘zombie voter’ who just voted the party line or chose candidates based on what I ‘thought’ they might believe in without really being sure.

The last time I voted, I remember staring blearily at the ballot and trying to even recall anything about any of the candidates. It was mostly city/state government positions so there wasn’t even much name recognition. I was so annoyed with myself because these were the people who would be running my city and I didn’t know anything about who just received my vote (except for their party affiliation which doesn’t always mean a whole lot). There were also a few ballot initiatives that I knew nothing about. I tried to quickly read and comprehend the initiatives and just began hitting buttons and hoped for the best.

After that voting fiasco, I decided that I needed to become a more informed citizen and stop throwing my vote away. So I found the Politics for Mom site andhave been using it as one of my resources to figure out which candidate deserved my vote. I will be keeping the button up there just in case others are looking for a good non-partisan site to read.

I would also love to hear what others do to stay informed.

Mary Kate



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2 responses to “Getting Political for A Second

  1. jerseygirl89

    Cool site. I tend to just vote the party line in local stuff as well. I read Newsweek and read the local newspaper to stay informed. Oh, and I read a lot of stuff on the web, of course.

  2. mkate

    I thought so too. I still have to get my butt in gear for the local stuff but at least this covers me for the national.

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