Fun Fabulous February!

February is historically a tough time of the year for me. For one thing, I have had a number of traumatic events occur during this month. I also think it is a rough time of year because the excitement of Christmas and the New Year have long faded and spring still feels eons away. The light fades quickly and the chill of the air makes it difficult to get outside.

I used to begin dreading the month of February somewhere around January 16th. I would rehash each traumatic event that had occurred over the years and spend time commiserating over each one. I recently realized that doing this was really depressing and just resulted in me spending the month anxiously looking over my shoulder and wondering what tragic event was going to befall me next. I also noticed that I had taken to manufacturing tragic events so that I could justify my dread of February (I slipped on the ice as I was walking to my car. I always slip on the ice in February. That would never occur in July or August or even September.) When I realized how obsessed I had become with the horror of all that is February*, I forced myself to stop keeping a mental list of all the wrongs that have occurred in this month and try to keep an open mind.

In the spirit of keeping a positive attitude, I am going to make a real effort to connect with others this month and I would like to suggest that anyone reading this to do the same.

Here’s to a fun, fabulous February!


Mary Kate


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