Note to Self: Dress Becca AFTER She Eats

Becca is in that stage where she wants to feed herself and she loves mixing her food together. Last night, she placed pieces of her fish and vegetables into her glass of milk and then proceeded to drink at least a little of it (ugh!). This morning, she put her raisins, cheerios and celery into her yogurt and then took a couple of bites. She loves to slosh things around and mix it all together.

It can be quite comical to watch but a pain in the neck to clean up. She inevitably tears off her bib and proceeds to get her milk/yogurt or smashed banana all over her clothes, hands, high-chair tray and face.

This morning as I got her dressed, I thought, “I probably should wait until she eats breakfast.” But in the interest of efficiency (change her diaper and her clothes at the same time), I decided that it would be fine. Unfortunately, it wasn’t fine at all. There is yogurt all through her hair, face and clothes. I am considering giving her a bath and will have to change at least part of her outfit (she had it on for 10 minutes!!!!).

I wish we lived in a warmer climate because I would just feed her naked! Until it gets warmer, I am going to have to invest in some bibs that tie. Maybe she will do better with that than the Velcro ones (who am I kidding? I have to try though; I have to try).

Mary Kate


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