Slight Name Change

Now that I have been posting more regularly to this blog, I would like to make some minor changes.  First of all, I am going to begin to sign my name Mary Kate rather than M. Kate.  When I first started this, it felt very cool and mysterious to sign using the initial.  However, it becomes confusing when people e-mail me or refer to me in theirblog.  In order to lessen the confusion, I am going to unveil the mystery: M. stands for Mary.  Tada!!!  Eventually, I may go back and edit my signature but in the meantime I am just going to move forward as Mary Kate.

Also, I will stop referring to my husband as Mr. O and instead will call him Omar.   I liked the idea of “Mr. O” but it started to feel cumbersome and stilted.

Without further ado, I will return to blogging.

Mary Kate (aka M. Kate)


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