Operation Take Back Our Bed: Moving in the right direction


It has been two weeks since we began the process of sleep training Becca and I am pretty happy with our progress. Becca is now consistently sleeping in her crib. During the second weekend, we weaned her down to waking up 1x a night (thankfully!). It was necessary for us to let her cry for ten minutes or so but she quickly went back to sleep.


During this past week, she has been pretty consistently sleeping from 8ish to 8ish. She will sometimes wake up at about 10ish (which is okay by me) but she will quickly go back to sleep (I do still occasionally nurse her at this time). My ultimate goal would be for her to consistently sleep from 8ish to 8ish without waking up but I am learning pretty quickly to count my blessings.

I have also learned that there is a “sleep curse” associated with talking positively about your baby’s sleep habits. I have noticed that any time I talk to someone about Becca being “a good sleeper” I will then have 3-5 days of sleep hell. I have also noticed that this occurs to my friends/relatives when they speak of their “fantastic sleep routine” or mention that their baby “goes to sleep pretty easily”. Therefore, I will continue to be happy that Becca is consistently sleeping in her crib and will try not to talk (or write) about it too much.


M. Kate



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