Operation Take Back Our Bed: Nights Two Through Six

Nights Two through Six are actually a blur right now. It is amazing how quickly I can forget the details of my life.

After making it through the 1st night, Mr. O and I were committed to sticking with our plan: Becca in her own bed. I had decided that I would continue to nurse her to sleep and if necessary, I would nurse her at night. I just wouldn’t bring her back to our bed. I knew staying committed to keeping her out of our bed was going to becoming increasingly more difficult.

Each night, Becca did pretty well with going to sleep in her crib. After the first night, she didn’t even wake-up when I put her in her crib (around 8ish). She would then wake-up again a few hours later. On night two, she woke-up at 10ish. As each night went by, her wake-up time was pushed back a little further until she was waking up at 12ish. Some nights I was able to avoid nursing her and she would go back to bed but most nights I ended up nursing her.

She would then wake-up again at 4ish. Once again, I would try to avoid nursing her but she usually insisted. There were a couple of rough nights but I avoided bringing her into our bed and even avoided the twin bed in her room. However, I did resort to using the Fisher price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Cradle Swing which we haven’t used in a few months. I figured that I needed to use all of the resources at my disposal. I just kept repeating the mantra, “consistency and commitment, consistency and commitment”.


Unfortunately, the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium wasn’t the magic elixir of sleep I was hoping it would be. However, it was definitely helpful. In the mornings, Becca would wake-up and turn on the Aquarium and would just lie back in her crib and listen to it. She also would occasionally turn it on at night which helped a little bit.

By Thursday morning (night 6), I was feeling pretty worn down and knew I wouldn’t be able to keep dealing with Becca 2x a night. So I determined that it was time to cut-out one of the night wakings. Mr. O and I discussed it and determined we would allow Becca to cry a little longer before we went in to get her. In the next pos, I will update you on how well that went.

M. Kate



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2 responses to “Operation Take Back Our Bed: Nights Two Through Six

  1. I wanted to thank you for such an insightful comment today on my blog. I also hope your sleep hell saga has improved and you are getting some rest. Have you read Happy Child Healthy Sleep Habits? I consider Dr. Weissbluth the Sleep God. I think it’s funny that your husband had a total change of heart after only THREE nights without sleep. What a crack up! You are on the right track if you remain consistent and unfortunately there may be some tears. But once everyone is sleeping soundly, you’ll all three be better people for it! Good luck!!!!

  2. mkate

    My pleasure! I love, love, love your blog and check it daily (sometimes a few times a day).

    As for it taking three days, I *may* have made sure that my husband received a few well-placed quicks (however, don’t quote me on that!)

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