Operation Take Back Our Bed: Night One

I had read a few books/articles and talked to my friends; I had bought the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium and Mr. O and I had decided on a sleep strategy. We were ready to get started!

Our Strategy

We purposefully began “Operation Take Back Our Bed” on a Friday night so both Mr. O and I would be available to assist in keeping Becca in her bed. We decided to continue to follow our usual routine which ended with me nursing Becca to sleep. Once Becca was asleep, we would place her in her crib and hope for the best. Mr. O was prepared for some crying (10-20 minutes) but we had opted out of following the Cry it Out Method (CIO). I know A LOT of people who have had success with this method. However, I knew Mr. O did not have the stamina to deal with Becca’s crying and to be honest, neither did I. I also figured we could try our method first and see how that worked.

If Becca woke-up when we laid her in her crib, we were going to turn on the Ocean Wonders Aquarium and lay her back down. We would leave the room for about 5 minutes and return if she was still crying. We would continue to try to soothe her. We would begin by rubbing her back and talking to her. If that didn’t work, we would take her out of her crib, rock her and walk around with her. Each time that we soothed her we would place her back in her crib. As a last resort, we would lay on the twin bed in her room with her. No matter what happened, we would NOT bring her into our bed. We also promised to communicate with each other throughout the night and respectfully listen to each other’s suggestions.

The Moment of Truth

I had nursed Becca to sleep and I decided it was time to transfer her to her crib. Mr. O and I solemnly walked to Becca’s room and prepared to place her in her crib. Both of us took a deep breath as I lay her down.

As soon as Becca’s cheek hit the crib mattress, she began to pop back up. I immediately hit the button on the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium and Becca stopped in mid-pop, startled by the music. Mr. O took advantage of Becca’s dazed state and helped her to lay down on her stomach. My instinct was to immediately flee the room but Mr. O suggested we stay with her and rub her back a little. So we both stood there as Mr. O rubbed her back and Becca was asleep in a few minutes (she had only barely woken up). Mr. O and I gratefully returned to our own bed.

SCORE ONE for the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium!

The Witching Hour

At 4 a.m., Becca awoke screeching at the top of her lungs. Before entering her room, I used the remote on the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium hoping it would once again work its magic. This only seemed to irritate Becca more. I went in her room and tried to soothe her without picking her up (rubbing her back and tummy, singing to her) but Becca wasn’t having any of it. I then picked her up and tried walking with her and rocking her. Becca was still pretty upset. I then nursed Becca and she fell back asleep. As soon as I laid her down, she woke up again. It became pretty clear, pretty quickly that Becca was battling for our bed– she wanted back in and was willing to do whatever it took to get back there!

At some point, Mr. O came in and tried a few things as well. He was able to get her back into her crib but as soon as we got close to her bedroom door, Becca would freak out. Mr. O and I ended up climbing into the twin bed in Becca’s room and stayed in her sights. From about 4ish to almost 6 a.m., Becca would occasionally poke her head up to make sure she could still see us. As soon as she saw us, she would lay back down again. It broke my heart to see her little head poking up from her crib mattress. At some point, I decided to sing to her and Becca finally went to sleep. She then fell asleep until 8 a.m.

Night One was rough but Becca stayed in her crib!!!

M. Kate


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