Operation Take Back Our Bed: The Plan

Now that Mr. O and I decided that we wanted Becca to sleep in her own bed, we needed to figure out how to make that happen. Since what we have been doing hasn’t been working, I figured it was time to look into other ideas. I read a few books about sleep including the no-cry sleep solution and Baby 411. I also went to babycenter.com
and found some pretty good articles about sleep:

“Baby Sleep Training: The basics”

“Big Story: New sleep-training guidance for tired parents”

Baby sleep training: No tears methods

Baby sleep resources

After skimming the books and reading the articles, I thought it would be helpful to get a ‘real world perspective’ from a few of my friends and relatives. Over and over again, I was told that the key was a good routine. In fact a few people chanted, ‘routine, routine, routine’ as soon as I asked about getting Becca to sleep in her bed. My sister’s routine is to read three books, rock through three songs and then put her children down. A few other people swore by the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium as part of their routine. They explained that they turned it on before laying their child down and their child could turn it on themselves. Enough people suggested it to me (about 4) that I figured it was worth a try.

Ocean Wonders Aquarium

When I went to Babies R Us, I actually ran into another sleep-deprived mom who was purchasing the aquarium. Apparently, her friends had recommended it to her as well. I couldn’t decide if I should purchase the version withthe remote or not. I figured for $5 more that the remote was worth it.

When I got home, I began unpacking the Aquarium and Becca was immediately intrigued by it. She stood in front of me as I unpacked the box (Why are all toys/ baby equipment so impossible to open?) and kept moving around so she could keep the Aquarium in her sight. As soon as I unpacked it (which took about 15 minutes), she grabbed it from me and began KISSING the front of the Aquarium. She loved it! Now I just needed to establish a routine and our sleep training would begin!

M. Kate


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