She’s a Genius — She Found Her Feet!

I was doing some blog ‘housekeeping’ and came across this post which was first created on 6/4/07.  I clicked on the title to discover that I had never completed the post.  I guess I put the title in and planned to come back and complete the post later.  For whatever reason, I never returned … until now.

It is times like this that I realize how quickly Becca’s first year went and how many developmental milestones she passed in that year.  Since this post, she moved from playing with her feet to using them to help her to crawl, walk and begin to run.  I remember how concerned I was that she may not be rolling over ‘at the right time’ or that she wasn’t crawling ‘correctly’ (for a long time she insisted on ‘walking’ with one leg and dragging the other leg along).  I even was a little worried that she was taking a while to start walking (I keep hearing stories of children who are capable of climbing up a slide backwards at 10 months).  I knew I was being silly and had no real reason to be concerned.  I think it comes with being a mom.

I also remember how excited I was when she did find her feet, began to crawl (even her 1st modified crawl) and began to walk.  More importantly, I loved to see how excited Becca was when she did all of these things.  Just last night, she was laughing and clapping as she walked around the living room in circles.

M. Kate


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