Word Update

Becca is chatting up a storm but not necessarily saying anything that I understand.  She will often look at me and say something to the effect of, “gerbshe whicshown sumfer hacienden wollom?” or “sheicyhsem helomanshin walkerwyn!”  There is definite inflection in her voice and clear facial expressions but it’s not quite English (or Spanish).  This hasn’t stopped her from voicing her displeasure whenever something isn’t going according to her plan.

She does seem to be making some progress on the bilingual front.  She will respond when spoken to in English or Spanish (come here or ven aquí).  She also will use the words aqui, mos (for vamanos) and ga (f0r gato).  She even will (occasionally) use them in context.

I continue to meet other moms who are raising their children bilingualy.  I still continue to hear mixed experiences about raising a bilingual child.  The biggest issue seems to be that the child will refuse to speak in the 2nd language.  I am hoping that making it a part of Becca’s daily life will help.  It will be interesting to see how she responds to speaking two languages as she gets older.

M. Kate


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