And She’s Off!!!!!

Becca is steps away from walking unassisted!! In fact, she has the strength to hold herself up and easily walks across a room (approximately 12 steps or so). I just think she is lacking the confidence. I also think she might enjoy all of the excitement involved of walking between abuelita and mom and dad and back again. We all yell and clap and laugh. Maybe she realizes that once she gets this walking thing down it isn’t going to be quite the revelation that it is right now.

As excited as I am about her walking, it also feels a little bittersweet. It is just one more sign that she is growing up and that “she will be going to college soon!”. I also know my days of sitting and watching her are long gone. Instead, I will have to join the hordes of parents who are chasing their children down driveways and across sidewalks. It is a good thing I hooked-up the treadmill and bought some new sneakers!

M. Kate


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