My Baby has a UTI

So Becca was diagnosed with a *possible* UTI and we have been in urine sample he$$ ever since!

It all started a few weeks ago. It had been a very hot day and I had taken Becca to the Splashground for the 1st time (it is a playground with a sprinkler section). I ran her through the sprinklers a few times, helped her to stand next to them and play with the water and had a generally good time.

That afternoon, she took a three hour nap and Becca’s Abuelita (grandmother) noticed that she felt a little hot when she woke up. I took her temperature and discovered she had a 103.5 temperature! I figured the doctor was going to advise me to “give her some tylenol, monitor her and call in the morning” but I called anyway. Sure enough, there wasn’t a whole lot that could be done.

Overnight, I gave Becca the tylenol and she slept pretty well. In the morning, she awoke with a fever of 102.5 and she was pulling at her hair. For whatever reason, I am always paranoid that she has an ear infection so I dutifully called the doctor again. As soon as I mentioned the hair pulling (near her ears) and the temperature, I was advised to bring her in– so I did.

Once we arrived there, we sat in the ‘sick kids’ waiting room and tried to assess how contagious everyone else in the room was (hmm… is that chicken pox I see or just hives?). Once we were called in, the doctor checked her ears, lungs and throat and assessed that everything was okay. She then asked me how far away we lived from the office (I immediately had visions of needing to rush home to gather her belongings so we could check into the hospital…). Seeing the look of horror on my face, the doctor explained that Becca would need to be ‘bagged’ so a urine sample could be collected.

Basically, a ‘bag’ was taped to my daughter’s labia and then her diaper was placed over the bag. I was then advised to check the bag occasionally for urine. I was then suppossed to transfer the urine from the bag into a sterilized container which I would bring to a local lab. Fortunately for me, my daughter peed shortly after the bag was placed on her so I was able to collect the urine sample. I then brought the sample to the lab and picked up her medication (amoxicillin) at the pharmacy.

Since UTI’s can be painful, my doctor recommended we begin the antibiotics immediately. Shortly after taking the antibiotics, Becca’s temperature went down. She even seemed well enough to go away for the weekend. My doctor had suggested that I make sure she is hydrated properly and that she isn’t listless in anyway. Even with the fever, Becca had been acting normally so I felt pretty confident travelling with her. Over the weekend, Becca continued to act normally and no longer had a temperature. She did have a few watery diapers but my doctor had warned me this might occur.

On Monday, I was told that the test result was possibly ‘contaminated’ but the results suggested a UTI. I was advised to continue the medication and return to the office for her next scheduled visit (10 mos). At this point, we (meaning I) would need to collect another urine sample to confirm the infection had cleared. I will have to share my urine sample adventures in another post.

M. Kate



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2 responses to “My Baby has a UTI

  1. That bag look familiar. My husband just had to get a urine sample from Eliza using one this morning! I hope her UTI is gone for good.

  2. Hi, what a special site you have. I found it on Yahoo while looking for some baby gear. Thanks and God bless.

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