Solids Update- 11 mos

First, I need to mention that I find the term ‘solids’ to be such an odd term. It is especially odd because the first ‘solids’ Becca ever had (rice cereal) was indistinguishable frombreast-milk.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a quick update on the solids situation. She has actually been making really good progress. She is still not a huge fan of food on a spoon and prefers to be able to grab the food herself. However, she will eat food on a spoon if she has her own spoon to hold. So I tend to maximize the amount of finger foods and minimize the spoon foods.

For finger foods, I try to vary the food, cut it up small and just place it on her tray. As the rest of the family is eating, she will merrily grab at her food and place about 2/3 of it in her mouth. Watching her eat is definitely our entertainment. Tonight we were all laughing as she very seriously tried to locate a piece of cheese that had fallen into her lap.

Usually, I will give her a fruit, a vegetable, a protein and a dairy. Here is a list of the different foods she enjoys.

Fruit: This is probably the most varied assortment. Since there is a lot of fruit in season, it has been a lot of fun to introduce her to new fruits.

  • apples
  • pears
  • mangoes
  • blueberries (a current but very messy favorite)
  • bananas
  • peaches (another favorite– she will dive into a whole one if you let her, with supervision of course)
  • nectarines
  • plums
  • papaya (only the pureed baby food variety)
  • watermelon


  • spinach (a current favorite)
  • peas
  • corn
  • carrots
  • cucumbers
  • tomatoes (another favorite)
  • green beans
  • summer squash
  • zuchini
  • sweet potatoes

Protein: This has the least variety

  • Chicken — usually boiled or baked and shredded
  • Beef- ground beef
  • Turkey- ground turkey, shredded turkey
  • Beans
  • eggs

Dairy: This is mostly breast milk

  • cheese
  • yogurt

At this point, Becca is pretty close to eating what we eat. I have been slowly introducing her to a little bit of seasoning. I have also used this as an opportunity to improve the nutrition of our meals. It is really important to me that her ‘comfort’ foods are healthy foods. It is really important to me that eating healthy (and being active) are just a way of life to her.

M. Kate


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